Lots of wedding items for sale - vintage/romantic/elegant

Lots of wedding items for sale.  Email me if interested:   krismgibson @ gmail . com

I am a professional artist and did lots of DIY for our wedding.  Take advantage of my hours of hard work at cheap prices!

View photos at http://krismgibson.wix.com/weddingforsale

Table linens - $9 each:

Ivory satin:
(19) 120" round
(1) 108" round

Champagne satin: (they are called champagne but I think they look like in between champagne and gold)
(7) 90x132" rectangular

Lace Doilies - $2 each:
(14) 16" round, ivory

Gold distressed mirror signage frames - $5 to $20 each (will offer discount if purchasing them all):
(8) Assorted sizes (from 11x17" to 23x27")

If you are interested in these I can send detailed size information.  Were used as signage for our wedding (photobooth, dessert table, memory table, ceremony/reception signage, favors, guestbook, bar menu, etc)

Consist of vintage gold frames with antiqued mirrors inside.  Typography on top of mirrors with white paint pen.  Some of these are generic enough to use again, or you could clean the mirror and add your own custom text.  I can customize the text for you at an additional cost.

Small gold frames - $3 each or $25 for whole lot:
(11) Assorted sizes from 4x5" to 8x10"

Were used for a memory table, but could use as signage, table numbers, etc.  Combination of antique and new frames.

Table number or signage holders - $2 each or $15 for whole set:
(11) 9" tall

Mercury Glass Vases:
(15) large - Assorted sizes and designs - all approximately 11" high and 5" openings
$5 each or $60 for whole lot

(8) small - Assorted sizes and designs - all approximately 7" high
$3 each or $20 for whole lot

"Thank you" kraft bags - $3 for set:
(56) stamped "thank you" bags - 3.5 x 7"

Blank kraft bags
- $8 for all:
(400) - 3.5 x 7"

Mini Chinese take-out boxes - $5 for all
(47) white 2.5 x 3"

Floral Supplies:
(7) 5 gallon buckets - $1 each
(1) 32 oz Crowning Glory flower hydrating spray - practically full - $10
(1) Flower food container - half full - $5
Misc flower arranging supplies - $10 for all:
floral tape, floral wire, stem cutters, corsage and boutonniere pins, small pins for holding ribbon in place, wide ivory ribbon - will also split up items

Photobooth props:

Prop set - $50 for all

White board word bubbles - $30 for all
Custom made - heavy duty
Includes markers and eraser

Candles - free
Assorted votives and tea light holders.  Some still usable - others could take wax out and refill yourself.  Free but must take all.
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