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How do you tell a photographer you're not going to book with them?

We’ve meet with a few photographers, two of which were great one which was sub-par, and one that’s good.  The last one (good) has been around a long time, shot almost 8000 weddings, obviously very professional, his photos are very nice, but not the style I’m after (seems very 80s/90s posed to me).  The problem, he’s a friend of my father’s and graciously knocked $1200 off his 3700 price because of that.  That also make me feel very torn because the photographer I want to go with will be about $1500 more then his prices (3900).  Part of me struggles with NOT saving that money.  So now I feel guilty that I’m not going with him and have to tell him this.  I have a feeling he will ask why or try to talk me out of it.  HELP!!  How would you tell him?  Follow up to any guilt tripping?  Thanks

Re: How do you tell a photographer you're not going to book with them?

  • Many of the vendors who I had talked down in price are still reaching out to me.  All you can do is be honest, say you've decided to go in a different direction.  Thank him for taking the time to work with you on pricing.  If he has done 8000 weddings, he should understand.  

    It's your money and your wedding, and if he guilt trips you that is quite unprofessional.  
  • "Thank you for putting together a quote for us, but we've decided to go with someone else."

    If he says anything, say "We're firm in this decision" and politely end the conversation.
  • Just be honest with him. Thank him for his time but he will understand because that's how business works.
  • be honest just tell him you are going a different route. its how business works, thank him for his time and he should understand, dad on the other might be a little mad but he should understand that its your wedding and you want to do what you want.
  • Echoing what other posters have said.  When I got back to vendors with a no I said things along the lines of, "We've decided to go in another direction for our day.  Thank you so much for your time, thoughtful consideration, and promptness in communication, it was very appreciated!  Have a great day!"  Everyone was kind and thanked me for just letting them know.

    Good luck, and I hope you don't get a guilt trip!
  • It's not personal, its business.  Let them know nicely, they will appreciate knowing where they stand.
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