Recommendations or Warnings?

Hey all,

So I'm finally looking at venues for the wedding (our's is set for September 17th, 2011). We're touring Abernethy Center this weekend (so excited) and Lakeside Gardens next weekend.
I've been having trouble finding other venues in the nearby area that match these two in the sense that they have beautiful garden setting and inside areas for a reception (I don't want to do the tent thing...unless it rains on my outdoor ceremony). Are there other places like these I should look at?
Also, we're looking for photographers. I'm very interested in either Images by Floom or Remembrance Photography. Has anyone used either of these?
Also any DJ recs?
I will give one warning myself: Gray Gables Estates. I've tried calling this venue on numerous occassions and left a voicemail saying how I'd like schedule a tour to see their venue. The answering machine (which I got to listen to all 10 times throughout the week) reassures they have wedding coordinators there 7 days a week and will get back to a message asap. Well...I'm not impressed. They've never called me back nor picked up their phone. Wedding season or not, you'd think they'd at least have 5 minutes to call me back. So yea, kind of annoying, this venue is scratched from my list :P
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Re: Recommendations or Warnings?

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    I'm getting married at the Abernethy Center Aug. 20, the ceremony is in the Veiled Garden and the Reception will be in the Ballroom.  We liked the Abernethy because we had a plan B in case it rained, and we don't like Tents either.  We knew it was the right place the first time we toured it.  They are on the spendy side, but personally I think it's totally worth it for how beautiful it is, how good the food is, and how much personal attention they give you during the planning process.  We are using Rose City DJ's for our ceremony and reception music.  Erich Allen has been great helping us with our music, he is also a preferred vendor on Abernethy's website, so he is very familiar with how the Abernethy does their weddings.  Let me know if you have any questions about the Abernethy!!!!  Happy Planning!!!!
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    I went to a wedding at Lakeside Gardens last spring. The outdoors is gorgeous, but alas, it rained and we were inside. And the inside is pretty lame. They obviously spend far more time on the outside than the in. And the food left something to be desired too.
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    Other places to look at -

    Ainsworth House (Oregon City) -  http://www.ainsworthouse.net
    Broetje House (Milwaukie) - http://www.thebroetjehouse.com/

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    I'm getting married at Bridal Veil Lakes. Their Saturday weddings are spendy but the other days are more reasonable. They are seriously the most gorgeous place I've seen for a wedding. Beautiful trees, the lake and an incredible view. It is a family owned property which I greatly prefer to the wedding mill type venue like the Abernathy Center (which is obviously gorgeous too). They also book the whole day for your event so there isn't a huge rush to get people out. 
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    Another spot to look at is Leach Botanical Gardens (off Foster on the way to Lakeside).  It's a smaller venue, but absolutely beautiful.

    Good luck with your search!
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    I went to a wedding at Lakeside Gardens last Summer and I thought the outdoor area was beautiful but the indoor area was just kind of ok. I am using Power's Photography and I highly recommend them for a photographer!
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    I'm getting married at The Abernethy Center next year, and I cannot tell you how excited I am! They have been nothing but helpful. However, if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, the Oregon Gardens is beautiful as well. They have a few different areas - and when all the flowers are blooming its just gorgeous!
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    Photographer- Kate Kelly Photography was amazing.  We were so pleased with the photos, and got many compliments on them.
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