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Finally started making my centerpieces ******UPDATE******

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Started making my centerpieces.. one down only 19 more to go.. and the alter and aisle pieces as well… made the stand with crystals as well as the floral parts. the candle holders will be plain clear ones. i just have them in storage and these two were at my home. the flowers arrived a month early ( thank God!!) since im only 62 days away i really was stressing about starting to make the stands and put them together  I did one tonight.. 

UPDATE: ok. so after some feedback i was concerned about the height of the centerpiece i had originally made and guests having their view blocked from each other ect... so i purchased new vases and remade it with a different design.. i tried the look of just putting the original crystal top piece on the larger vase and my sister said it looked like a jellyfish.. lol so I changed the flow of the crystals... here is the completion.. there will be ivory tablecloths. Also now i just to figure out if i want gold or silver charger plates.. Any ideas? 
 ok here is the new centerpiece.. also the tablecloths.. do you think i should remove the overlay? and what color charger? silver or gold?


Re: Finally started making my centerpieces ******UPDATE******

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