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Colors Help!!!!

I've been engaged for about 4 months now and I am having troubles picking our wedding colors! Our wedding is in August on the water. I love navy blue but I can't figure out what I can put with it! Does anyone have suggestions...I look at everything on Pinterest but there are so many I can't pick :(

Re: Colors Help!!!!

  • what type of venue is it? You can always door a more modern feel with navy blue, white/ivory, with fuchsia accents or navy blue and yellow (outdoorsy)/gold (indoor).
  • Navy blue is on of my colors -i've paird it with blush, champange and white =)

  • I chose Blue with Gold as it is indoor but if you are on the water, I'd pair it with a bright color like the girl above suggested. Fuschia, Yellow, or even a light teal accent would be very pretty!
  • My wedding is on the water as well. I'm using navy blue and yellow.

  • I'm using navy with mint green, Also, some of our flowers will have peach in them! 
  • One of my best friends did navy, coral, and white for a May wedding and it was lovely.

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  • Are we the same person? I am having mine on the water and I originally chose navy, as well. I chose navy and green, but my MOB wanted something "warmer" so I added orange. Then I looked at navy and orange wedding colors and didn't feel right. I think I am going to go back to the start and do navy with other shades of blue like pale baby blue and more peacock or grey blue with various glass bottles and candles and go back to green ferns and succulents with a few white flowers thrown in. I think the trick with navy is that you need to pair it with two accent colors instead of one to make it look less forced or contrived. I also am lovings variations of the monochromatic theme. Good luck and let us know what you choose!
  • I think prior suggestions of navy, coral, white (could also do cream or gray here) or navy with other shades of blue thrown in would be fantastic. And absolutely agree with @eceitel advice of pairing it with more than one accent color to get the right feel! Let us know what you decide!
  • A little late, but if you go to Pinterest and search navy wedding if will give you ideas of accent colors :) I love navy and coral though!!
  • I love fuchsia with navy!!
  • I'm thinking about navy too! I really like blush and light blue but think I need a bolder color like navy for contrast. Picking a color palette is my biggest issue now!
  • Our colors are Navy, along with other dark blue shades, and Dark Purple.  It was easy for us as purple is my favourite colour and my FI's favourite colour is Navy.  So we found shades that worked together and that was that.  The Purple does look very good with the navy by the by.

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  • I'm doing navy blue with peachy pink accents. I originally chose yellow, but I needed something softer. 
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