I'm at the one month to go mark and I feel great. The panic attacks have subsided, I'm moving right along on getting all the DIY stuff and my bachelorette party is Saturday. Now if the RSVPs would start rolling in .... Wink

How's everyone else doing? Sarah- you've got to be either stressed out of your mind or in the zone where nothing fazes you!! 

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    What are the big plans for Saturday ?
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    We are starting out with a movie (Expendables) around 1 p.m. with all our friends - then I'm sent home to go take a nap. Yes, I'll need it in order to keep my eyes open past 11! 

    Then FI's friends and my friends are meeting at a local restaurant for dinner, then girls are heading to the big city (Medford LOL) to go see a comedy show and then go karaoke-ing at a bar. Should be loads of fun! And nothing too outrageous. Thank god. I've already told them that I'm only having a drink or two - and that's it. (I don't really drink a lot and if I have to take anxiety medication later that night, not a good combo!) I can't wait. It's going to be fun!
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    Sounds perfect! That's the type of evening I want for mine. I hope you have a lot of fun!

    I think I'm going to Medford the end of Sept to pick my brother up - he's coming home for 2 weeks from Mexico and I am SO excited :) Any place we HAVE to go while we're there?
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    Have to go .. store wise, no. You have much better choices up north. Believe me. If you are picking him up around lunch or dinner, try Kaliedescope Pizza. Food is unbelievably yummy. I keep begging to go back there. FI hasn't given in yet. But he will. I'll wear him down. Wink
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