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Does anyone getting married, or who got married, in Branford have suggestions or experiences to share about a hotel room block? We are getting married at Woodwinds next year and are going back and forth about where to block out rooms. The Holiday Inn Express is obviously very close and convenient, but I have read mixed reviews on the service there. 

Our other thought was to do the Omni or another New Haven hotel, but that is a little further and probably more pricy. We would love to provide a shuttle, but I think it would be too expensive from New Haven to Branford. 

Also, any thoughts on where to have an after party? 

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  • I'm doing the Holiday Inn Express for the reason you pointed out, it's close and convenient.  I had trouble getting a hold of them for a long time (like 2 or 3 months) but apparently they have a new event manager now, so that shouldn't be an issue anymore.
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    We used Holiday Inn Express in Branford for our October wedding.  We were with them with the change in manager, and the new one was more on top of things then the previous.  They did make some mistakes, but nothing that ended up being a huge issue.  Plus, it was nice to have the hot breakfast available to guests in the morning.  Despite a few bumps along the way, all of the staff that we encountered there on the day of were friendly and accommodating.   If there were another decent hotel in the immediate area, I would say look into it, but there's not without having to shuttle people from New Haven.  Yeah, they were frustrating at times, but if I had to do it over again, I would still stick with them over having to shuttle people in from New Haven.  They weren't perfect, but it wasn't anything we couldn't work with.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!!
  • Thanks for the input! I did contact the Holiday Inn Express and the manager got back to me right away and seemed pretty on top of things. Hopefully this new manager will be an improvement over the old one. She could not give me pricing info yet (too early) so that will be another factor to consider. 
  • If it helps any when the time comes, we were quoted $119 for our Oct wedding and I think that's toward the top of their price range. 
  • So I spoke to the manager in December and she quoted me $115/night for our November wedding. She said we could sign the contract once we had an estimate for # of rooms. Well we called her back to book the room block and she changed the price to $140/night. Also her response to me every time I've e-mailed her is "call me and we'll discuss." Not very helpful. They are definitely frustrating to work with and I really wish there were other options in the area. 

    Anyone have input on the new Red Roof Inn in Guilford? I wish I lived closer so I could check it out for myself. 
  • I got married at Bill Miller's Castle in December of 2013. We blocked our rooms at the Omni and had a shuttle for the guests. The Omni was amazing! It was $139 a night, beautiful, clean, and the staff was awesome! We got a 31 passenger shuttle from Gateway Limousine for 6 1/2 hours and paid $897 total. Hope this helps!
  • Thank you for the suggestion. We actually called them and asked for a quote on a room block and they were supposed to get back to us. They never did :( I would have really liked to use them but I was also worried about the cost of a shuttle from New Haven. We ended up going with the Holiday Inn Express because I didn't know what else to do. 
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