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Nevada-Las Vegas

Reviews 10/15/14

Hi All,

Well, after 4 weeks away... Im back at work and the wedding and holiday are all a distant memory! Here are my reviews... but before I get started a couple of notes:

I'm still waiting on the photos from Bentley & Wilson, and the photographer and video from the Flamingo. I will review those separately when I get them next week (I've been told they are on their way). Secondly. If I can offer anyone ANY advice for the day... WEAR IN YOU GODDAM SHOES!!! I was in SO much pain all day walking around the strip because my shoes were brand new... and I hadn't bothered to wear them in at ALL. It almost ruined my day. That and the fact that I had a stomach bug on the big day - and for a week after... so all I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep! But the show must go on. Apart from that, everything just fell in to place.... and nothing went astray!

The Flamingo – Hotel – B

This is for the hotel only. When we checked in (after travelling for almost 30hrs) we went to our room and someone else's stuff was in there. Ill cut a long story short and say that after 45 minutes of arguing with the hotel manager, who was an incredibly bad liar and clearly did not give 2 hoots about giving our room away (which they did, because our infant crib was in there ready to go!), we were put in another room for one night, had to check out of that in the morning and wait until the afternoon to check back in. It was a nightmare.... especially with a 2 year old. Same thing happened to my bridesmaid and her husband. We then waited 2 days for the cot to turn up in our room – our son had to sleep with us for 2 nights. The manager was possibly the worst customer service person I came across. He had no empathy and clearly couldn’t care less.

That aside. Once we were in our correct room – the Go Mini Suite – I couldn’t fault the hotel. The room was clean, the housekeeping was great.

Double Decker Bus – A+

We did a “Welcome Tour” when we arrived in Vegas. The guys bought 2 coolers full of ice, and we bought the drinks on the night. You can only have beer and wine – no hard liquor or glass. The guide played some music off our ipods and brought drinks up to everyone as needed. They also supplied 2 carseats for the 2 kids we had on board. We had a 3 hour tour and had plenty of time for the sign (photos) and then about 45 minutes down at Freemont street. They were very friendly and helpful via email when booking too.

The Flamingo Chapel – A+

Having not seen the venue or be able to get there to check it out before hand... my coordinator at the Flamingo (Iliana) was always happy to answer my millions of questions. I met with a coordinator (Iliana was not working) when we arrived and she walked me through what would happen and how everything would run. The coordinator on the day was also great organising everything. The officiant they provided was great too. Can’t complain about anything to do with the ceremony.

The Wicked Spoon – A+

I didn’t deal with any staff here on the night. But emails to Rose were always replied to promptly. They allowed us in earlier to decorate the room (private dining) and had the tables set up as requested. As I was sick all day, I barely ate anything. But numerous people raved about it being the best wedding food they have had. Our server was awesome. We had heaps of money to spend on alcohol to make the minimum spend... but he kept us up to date on how much we had... and even gave us a couple of bottles of wine at the end to make up the rest. He was fantastic. Definitely recommended.

The Cosmo – Wrap Around Suite (Premium View) – A+

Can’t fault the staff or the room. We stayed 2 nights and the suite was amazing – and so was the view. Now – everyone wants to know how many people fit in here... we had 28 people they were all comfortably on the balcony... and no one was inside. You could easily fit 40 people in this suite – if its not too cold outside! There isn’t heaps of chairs... but everyone was mingling outside, so I don’t think they were missed. The mini bar in the big fridge cant be emptied and its all on sensors... so you need to make sure no-one touches it at all – unless you have time to argue the bill. We just made it really easy to get drinks from the counter for guests so they didn’t need to go to the fridge. We left $20 (and about 6 bottles of wine) with a note for housekeeping apologising for the extra trash. We weren’t charged any extra cleaning... so they must have been happy with their tip.

Presidential Limo – B+Service was fine... the guy driving was really nice. My bridesmaid delivered a carseat to the depot the day before and they brought it along and installed it. We then picked it up from them the next day. They had no issues doing any of that. The reason they got a B+ only was because when we were picked up the driver asked for a credit card. I didn’t have one as I assumed it would be charged to the card I gave them when booking. He insisted on a credit card imprint, but said the card on file would be charged... so my sister in law handed over hers as we thought it wouldn’t be charged. She was then charged the full price of the hire. And I was charged the full price of the hire, twice, as well. So we paid 3 times for the car! I had to call them a few days later, and they took the hold off the money on my card straight away... so that was easily sorted. Not a huge deal, but annoying! Make-Up in the 702 – A+ If anyone has emailed Megan, you will know she is VERY enthusiastic about EVERYTHING. So her emails are a bit over the top! BUT she replies every time, and when I arrived in Vegas and called her to add my Mum to the booking, it was completely fine. I can’t remember the girls names that came, but they were both amazing and had the 3 of us done with hair and make-up done really quickly – and perfectly. I can’t fault them at all. They were super friendly too.


Re: Reviews 10/15/14

  • thanks for the review on wicked spoon.  that's comforting.

    did they give you any issues on time? 
  • sasalewsasalew member
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    Thank you so much for the review – you’ve managed to answer almost every question I had about Cosmo! I have about 30 guests so really great to know yours all fitted in the suite :) Did you just bring in all your own drink, plastic cups, etc?? Sorry you were sick on your big day but sounds like everything else went perfectly! Would be great to see some photos when you get them :)

  • Thanks for all the reviews! That sucks you weren't feeling well but sounds like you made the best of it :) 
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  • That is a bit of a bummer about Presidential Limos, we were looking into them too. Thinking about going with Earth Limo now...
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  • Thank you so much for your reviews and welcome back from post wedding events! I am so sad I continue to read bad reviews about the Flamingo check in and service for rooms. Get it together Flamingo!!
  • Thank you for the reviews! 
  • @sasalew - we did a big shop at Walmart and bought our own cups. We were happy with plastic cups for softdrink/mixers and I found plastic wine glasses at Walgreens on the strip (Walmart didn't have them). So I guess if you are happy with plastic, that's the cheapest and easiest way to go as we just chucked them out. We bought garbage bags and couple of cheap coolers as well. The boys just did a bunch of trips to the ice machine to fill them all and chill the drinks.

    @hashtaggroomzilla - our booking finished at 9pm - we were in a private dining room - and we asked the server if we had to be out on time, and he said that it didn't really mater if we went a bit over. We had all pretty much fginished and were out by 9.30pm anyway.

  • Thank you for sharing your reviews, really useful :) do you have any photos back from Bentley Wilson you'd be willing to share yet? I've just booked Bentley Wilson last night so would love to see some of Todd's work, I'd also like see your hair and make-up as I'm looking to get that booked just now, have emailed 702 for a quote. Thanks again and CONGRATULATIONS!!
  • @zoevegas2015 - I'm still waiting on them. I was expecting them to be waiting for them when I got home as we travelled for almost 3 weeks... but when I emailed, he hadn't sent them yet. So they should arrive next week. Ill post a separate review and pics then. Im holding back on my review as I felt he was a touch awkward and didn't offer any suggestions. I told him at the start of the day we didn't want much posing etc... more natural shots.. so Im hoping he just got heaps of those... I will wait to get the pics before I pass comment... as he may well have done EXACTLY what I wanted - and just got lots of candid moments!
  • I will post my reviews as soon as I have a moment -- Just haven't had time and there are a lot of them I want to cover.  Anyway, we had Todd and I just got my pictures yesterday and love them.  We did have some "posed" shots but I asked for those (ie: at a craps table, slot machine, etc) and there were a few where he told us to look at each other, or something like that when we were doing the strip tour but we got over 1300 photos from him and the MAJORITY of them are candids.  He for sure doesn't do "high fashion" photography or anything like that, but I'm really happy with our pics and I hope you will be, too, Sam! 

    Here's just one example where I wanted to go to the Vegas sign so we could snap our "Thank You" photo (see other thread) but Todd was snapping away the whole time and got what ended up being one of my very favorite shots just because my hubby leaned in to kiss me.  No prompting or anything but Todd got that moment and I love it.  Same with one where I was dancing with our flower girls.  Never even knew Todd took that one until I got the CD.
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  • So lovely!!! Thanks for sharing the photos. I love the Vegas sign one!
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  • How was check in at the cosmo? on time or any issues there?
  • They are gorgeous photos, sounds like you had a good experience with Todd - thanks for sharing We have him booked for 2 hours for photo tour with all our guests - hopefully about 25 of us - I think he'll struggle to get all 25 of us posed!! Sam you must be dying to see the photos! 3 weeks is a long time to wait.... I'm sure they will be great
  • AustralianSam. Thank you!! Can't wait to see your pictures! We have also booked Todd! 
  • @irishvegas - we had the suite booked the night before in the end... But we where out wandering the strip so we called in at about 12pm just to check... and it was ready. The check-in clerk DID say that its the hardest room to get into early though... and we were just lucky. So if you ca send someone early to see if its available (before the ceremony?) do that. Just go in with that person the day before and have them added to the booking so they can check in on your behalf.
  • Wowza!  You sure did hide your sickness well!
  • Gals - love the photos!!! Both look great!
  • @AustralianSam‌ - our RSVP Count right now is 61. We have the attached 1 Bedroom along with Wraparound booked. Do you think we will all fit plus a DJ setup somehow?
    Also- were you in west or east tower? How was your experience getting in you food & drinks? How about getting your guests to the room? Did you have your cake taken up, or did you do that at Wicked Spoon? Hmmmm I'm nervous about getting all this stuff to the suite and then trying to make it all fit. I even planning on a photo booth in the attached 1Bedroom - scary?!!!
  • @nyvegaslove - my thoughts... and please don't be offended... this is my experience....  that's not going to work. 61 people wont fit in Wrap Around Suite comfortably - I was nervous with 30 after reading reviews... and whilst 30 was comfortable, if it had been too cold outside, they wouldn't fit... and I definatley wouldn't have any more than 40. Getting another bedroom I think (correct me if I'm wrong) means you get an attached standard hotel room... so that's not going to add much space... and its entrance will be in the foyer / hallway (see attached pic of entry). So you walk into the suite and down a hallway before it opens up into the living area. The balconies are also divided off. So basically... you will have people hanging out in a completely separate room - away from everyone else... and probably just sitting on the bed. It would be like having a party at a house and having a small yard with 40 people in it, and then expecting the other people to hang out in the bedroom inside. :)

    Have you seen a floor plan? there is one here: http://www.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com/Libraries/Floor_Plan_Wraparound_Terrace_Suite/new-floorplan-wraparound-terrace-suite.sflb.ashx

    the door you can see marked on the top left hand corner is the door to the adjoining room - out of the way.

    As for the DJ - depending on their set-up... I struggle to see how you would fit him in anywhere in the suite without filling a bathroom with furniture or something.,,, and there isn't room for a dancefloor as such - especially with 61 people. If you are only after "background" music - not full on dancing, you are probably better bringing an ipod to plug into the sound system... that's what we did.

    Does that make sense? Im not being rude at all.. but that's just what I think. For the cost of hiring the suite AND another room... you might be better looking at a bigger suite, or another hotel. I honestly don't think 60 people and a DJ will fit in there.

    Ive attached some photos of the room we had. We were in the east tower... I think all the wrap around suites are... premium view guarantees a high floor and overlooking the fountains.

  • @nyvegaslove - sounds like you need a hospitality suite. 
  • I also Love love your dress. Thanks for all the wrap around advice! 
  • @australiansam ; great practical input on the capacity of the Wrap around suite.  Thanks for sharing.   Would have never known you weren't feeling well, you looked lovely!  Great dress!
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • @AustralianSam, those pics at the Hangover Lot will be fantastic!  I LOVE those ideas and I just know you're going to really like how they turn out.  You looked STUNNING!!!  Absolutely gorgeous and I'm super excited for you to get all your photos back.  My wedding was on 10/17 and I'm just here in Arizona.  Got pictures on Monday so I'm sure with sending them to Australia, you should have yours back from Todd any day now.  He's pretty quick!
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  • dbacksgirl and Australian Sam youLOOK gorgeous! Holy Moley fabulous!
  • edited November 2014

    Awesome reviews! I just posted before seeing this. We loved the Cosmo suite as well.

    I can't see the pics right now for some reason so I will be back! :)

    ETA:: Beautiful!!!!!!

  • I love your photos @AustralianSam‌ ! Your gown is beautiful.
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  • @AustralianSam‌ - I don't take it as rude at all. I appreciate the feedback greatly. Thank you do much!
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