After Party?

Has anyone planned or been to an after party in Pittsburgh? If so, what all did you do? I am having my wedding at the Pittsburgh Grand Hall and was looking for ideas for my guests to do afterwards, since there isn't much around the grand hall. Any suggestions? There is a home Pirates game the night of my wedding making the north shore crowded. 

Re: After Party?

  • For my sister in law's wedding we went to the hotel where she had a room block (Hyatt House South Side) and went to the bar. Most of us had already had plenty to drink at the reception and were just there to hang out so it was nice to go somewhere that wasn't packed.
  • You could try the casino or even market square. It would require a cab or uber, but would be a little less congested than the North Shore! 

    We are getting married at the Grand Hall too! 
  • Are you talking a hosted after-party? If so, we did a pre-party hosted bar event at Tonic on 10th and Penn and I'd recommend it. They have an upstairs room you can rent and the bar tab will be based on consumption (they also might let you just rent the room and then have people pay at the bar). It's close to lots of good stuff like Tenpenny and the Cultural District so people can wander off. Your guests will still need to uber or cab there (driving would be bad since all the parking around there will be full with the pirates game). 
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