Wedding Dress Shopping on a Budget ($1K)

Hello!  Any recommendations for reasonably priced wedding dresses?  I'm hoping to stay at or below $1,000. 


Re: Wedding Dress Shopping on a Budget ($1K)

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    What area are you shopping?  City?  Suburbs?
  • I bought my dress at Volle's in lake zurich and it was less than 1000

    You can also try David's Bridal or House of Brides. Both have a ton of selections under 1000
  • Thank you!  I'm willing to shop in the city or any suburb
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    In Barrington, there is.................

    Kathryn's in McHenry is where my daughter bought her dress, which was under $1000.  She had many options there.

    I have heard other brides talk about The Crystal Bride in Geneva.  Schaumburg has both a David's Bridal and a House of Brides, both of which have many selections under $1000.

  • David's Bridal ou can definitely find a dress under $1000, sales tax in the suburbs is cheaper but depends on if you're wasting gas money.

    Remember to budget for alterations, that's where the cost can get jacked up very fast on any dress.
  • I just bought my dress at Wedding Belles in Barrington for under 1000.  They had a GREAT selection and it was a very hard choice because there were so option options in that price range.  The tax is also cheaper out there than the city.  I highly recommend it.
  • I bought mine at House of Brides.  Mine was way under $1000.  They also had a big selection of items.  I would recommend being on top of them regarding your order, however.
  • I will just throw in a note about the dress you pick in relation to alterations, since I had a similar budget, and have run into an issue I hope you can learn from! I fell in love with a dress style very popular right now: two layers, satin underlay and lace overlay. Unfortunately, from the perspective of an alterationist, this is like having two dresses! Thus, im paying for double alterations, essentially.While im still in love with my dress, I do wish I had had a more complete understanding of the alterations process for a particular dress style going in...
  • I bought my dress at Wedding Belles! It's still sold on the designer website for $1700, they usually sold it for $1200, but the owner sold it to me for $500 because the zipper broke (a totally easy fix!). Definitely check them out, everyone is so nice and welcoming and helpful! 
  • David's Bridal. It will need some alterations but even with alternations, my dress was just under $1k (dress alone was $750)
  • The Crystal Bride in Geneva was great. They have options for 1k. You can always call the places and tell them your budget and they'll be able to tell you if they have things in stock that fit your budget.
  • elegance in indiana
  • Take a look at they have a lot of dresses under 1,000.00
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