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FI and I have been attempting to plan our rehearsal dinner, it's been a complete battle since the beginning. A lot of my family is traveling in for the wedding and they will be here that evening. I didn't want to do anything overly fancy, I just want everyone to be able to mingle, get to know one another, etc. So, all is fine now after arguing that sandwiches and something simple are completely acceptable and that we do not need hot food. The wedding is in the summer, I like cold food when it's hot outside. Anyway, now our church has been booked for a wedding that Friday. Our rehearsal itself will be at 3:30 in the afternoon or 7:30 p.m. Would it be worth it to do dinner at 8? Or would something like appetizers or small plates, desserts and drinks be a better alternative? My FI and I are late dinner eaters anyway, so it doesn't bother us, but we don't know how anyone else would feel about it!

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    If you had a rehearsal at 7:30pm I still think you should serve what you have already decided on.  You need to remember that your rehearsal is at 7:30pm but people will be getting ready at around 6ish (if not earlier) so they won't have time to really eat a nice dinner beforehand.  And since it sounds like you aren't having a heavy meal it will suffice for both those that didn't eat anything and those that may have had a small something before the rehearsal.

    ETA:  I know not everyone is like this, but in the summer I tend to eat later in the evening since the sun stays up longer.  When it gets dark early in the winter I tend to want to eat earlier.

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  • My dad had mentioned having it before our rehearsal, but I feel like that would rush the dinner and anyone who actually needed to be at the rehearsal. I want everyone to enjoy themselves. FI has a nervous stomach, so anything heavy might not be the best idea! His mom is already not pleased with my choice in the food, so I'm a bit nervous to even tell what's going on now! Not that we can do anything about it of course! I know we're just working with different traditions and thought processes and I'm a bit more outspoken than I think she was expecting!
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    In our family, we have something we have coined, "linner".  It is on days where we have a late lunch/early dinner.  We tend to do it on lazy weekends when we sleep in and start the day with a late(r) breakfast.  Is there a chance you would consider the 3:30 rehearsal followed by linner?  It would lend itself even better to lighter foods and sandwiches.

    The other issue though is whether your WP can make it to an earlier rehearsal time.  Will it require many to request time off work?  For guests travelling, they may appreciate an evening that ends a little earlier.
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    Our rehearsal was at 6, and we were planning to be eating dinner by 7:30, but because of technical difficulties at the rehearsal, we didn't end up getting to the restaurant until closer to 8. 

    It's really a 'know your crowd' thing.  Of everyone you're planning on inviting there, is there a large contingent who are early eaters and wouldn't want to wait?  We told everyone it would be a later dinner, so if people needed to have a snack mid-afternoon, they did.  If your group is good with a full dinner at 8, go for it.  Otherwise, appies or dessert is a good choice - but make sure you let people know that it will not be a full meal, so they don't come with completely empty stomachs.

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  • I agree with Maggie. Just serve what you were planning to serve and start the mingling at 8:00.

  • I think dinner at 8 would be fine.  It depends on where you live.  Around here, most people wouldn't eat until 6 at the very earliest and then 7 would be more average and 8 not out the norm at all.  I would MUCH rather eat dinner at 8 than have to eat early enough to be at an event by 7:30 because then I would be hungry again later.
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