Venues That Rent For The Weekend

I'm looking for a venue, preferably in Western Mass, that will allow at least a Fri & Sat rental.  We're looking to do a lot of DIY so the places that only give you 5-hour packages are out.  The places we have in mind right now are Race Brook Lodge, Jacob's Pillow, Canterbury Farm, Wake Robin Inn and Earthdance.  Does anybody have opinions on these venues or have used them?  Does anyone know of a places that isn't on my list?  Stonover Farm is another one, but they charge $13,500 for the weekend and that is wayyyy out of our budget for venue rental cost.  Being able to BYOB is a huge plus, as well as allowing outside catering.  We wouldn't necessarily need to use the venue/grounds on Friday and Sunday but a venue that allows a Friday setup for a Saturday event is what we would need.
Thanks in advance!

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    I was just going to say Race Brook Lodge!  We actually stayed there overnight last weekend while visiting family for Christmas, it would be such an awesome place for a wedding!  Breakfast was delish, and its a real gem of a rustic venue.  Word of warning:  Our shower didn't work and I think all the cabins smelt a bit musty, but if you're with family and friends, and my FI sat on the bed and it instantaneously broke (there were witnesses, it was funny), I'm pretty easy going though, ha ha. 

    There is very spotty phone reception, so instagram hashtags for your reception would be out, too :)

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    I'm looking at Camp Wing in Duxbury for my far-in-the future wedding - it allows Friday afternoon setup, outside catering, and outside liquor. I have never been there (or even contacted them yet) and can't speak for it personally but I think it ticks all your boxes - except the one about being in Western Mass, since it's between Boston and Cape Cod. But the trek may be worth it, depending on your circumstances. Good luck! :)
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