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Hey Ladies,
My Fiance and I are in the middle of planning for our honeymoon and would like to book our tickets and hotel by March (our HM is in August). We are having a really hard time deciding where to go because August is in the middle of hurricane season so we thought seeing a travel agent would be a big help. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good travel agent? Do you think it is worth it to use one? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks! 

Re: Travel Agent Advice

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    Just make sure to purchase trip insurance if hurricanes are a possibility for where you're headed.
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    I've had really mixed results with travel agents. I've had them be very helpful and make great suggestions, or completely ignore what you have to say/suggestions/research you've done, and try to send you somewhere THEY want you to go.
    Do your research and go prepared if you're going to use one.
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    I recommend Karen at D!ck (the knot does not like his name, apparently) Ranian travel.  She was very knowledgeable and travels a ton herself.  She helped us book trips to Rome and then to Acapulco for our honeymoon.
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