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Meeting with photographer

I am meeting with my photographer next week for the first time. Is there anything I should bring up to him and is there anything I should expect? I've never really been photographed before.

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Re: Meeting with photographer

  • Here's my quick suggestions…
    - Look for a number of wedding, not just one good wedding. Look at the composition of the photos. 
    - Take a good look at group photos, everyone LOVES the photojournalistic poses of the B&G - but they often overlook the group images...You know, the ones of your whole family that you mom will want on the mantle. Don't get caught up in the still life pics - anyone can put a ring on a heel of a pretty shoe or take a photo of a dress in a window - just tell them you want it.
    - Ask about back up cameras. What type of lenses do they prefer and why. How do they deal with lighting. 
    - Do they have experience at your venue?
    - Do they offer a second shooter?
    - Do you get the digital rights? Do you get ALL the photos or how many? Are they edited? What does edited mean to them? How big will you be able to print them/ how large will the files be?
    - What's the turn around time?
    - What happens if they can't be there on your wedding day? Dot hey have a backup plan?
    - And above all - are you comfortable around them??

    When you look at their portfolio pay attention to the average looking couples with average venues. Some people are so gorgeous every photo looks amazing, I'm not one of those people so I like to look at images a more real couple when critiquing. I also look at photos of a location isn't over the top gorgeous, like the couple, a location that is so stunning that every photo looks like a postcard isn't going to help unless you are getting married at the same location- KWIM?

    Consider these things to start when selecting a photog and ask on your local board for recommendations. Also search for reviews of ones your considering. GL! :)
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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