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tip photog for engagement pics?

Wondering if I should tip our photog for engagement pics? She's the same photog doing our wedding and also owns her own business.   I've read many things saying no need to tip business owners because they're getting all of the profit.  She is driving an hour to do our pics in Boston (she's in RI).  Would I tip after the wedding for all services rendered or seperately for engagement pics? TIA

Re: tip photog for engagement pics?

  • As a photog, when I have done portrait (I don't do weddings) work I do not expect a tip, but I always have never driven an hour for a shoot. If I did I would charge milage for doing that said, if she isn't charging extra for it I would offer to pay for her gas or give her a tip IMHO.

    Outside of the hour drive, I would normally recommend tipping after you receive your images.
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  • You can tip your photographer whenever you'd like. There is no standard and it is not required but I'm sure it would be appreciated.
  • Thanks, ladies! Our shoot was on Saturday and we didn't end up tipping.  FI thought that since it was included iour wedding package then we can tip her after the wedding for all services rendered. 
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