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Gifts at rehearsal dinner/is this a good gift idea?

I actually have two different questions:

I saw from lurking around here that most people give out their thank you gifts to their wedding party at the rehearsal dinner. The FOG is hosting ours, and my parents are going to be there as well. My question is, am I supposed to give the parents gifts here, too? (Am I supposed to even get his parents gifts? Or is that all on him? Or not at all? We paid for the wedding ourselves, if that makes a difference.)

Second, all of my bridesmaids are into makeup, specifically MAC. I was thinking about possibly getting them all MAC giftcards (set up in cute personalized makeup bags) as their gifts. Is this a good idea, or too impersonal? I thought about getting actual makeup items for them, but they all have different skintones and complexions and I'm not sure what they wear. Thoughts?

Re: Gifts at rehearsal dinner/is this a good gift idea?

  • 1) You can give parents their gifts whenever you want. I would do it in private or semi-private however/whenever you decide to do it.

    2) I'm luke warm on the make up gift cards. I think they're slightly impersonal on their own. Could you add a little something personal to it?

  • eh. I like gift cards, and would be thrilled to get one. It's a personal thing.

    I have some friends that I know would be like me, and be excited to get a gift card, and some friends who I know would perceive it as impersonal. Try and figure out which category your friends fall into.

    Also, a nicely written, personal card to go with the gift-card would be a nice touch regardless, and I think would alleviate the need for an item to go with the gift card (unless you know one of your friends is a stickler about getting gift cards)
  • My only concern with the gift card would be making sure you know they wear/use MAC. Make up can be personal, as in I know I have very specific companies I like and wear, so if I was a given a gift card for a make up company I don't wear I'd be kind of eh. If you want to go gift card, maybe something like Sephora or Ulta if you have those near you as it gives them more flexibility in what companies they can put the gift card towards.
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    @redoryxI was actually thinking about Sephora at first (actually my first thought was that I would give everyone an Urban Decay Naked palette, but the 1 and 2 are made for different complexions and I have no idea which they would prefer). I switched it to MAC only because I've personally seen all of them own at least a few items from them, but I'm not a huge MAC fan myself and have only bought things here and there to try, so you're right.

    @southernbelle; do you think it could work if I put it inside an embroidered makeup bag or something similar?

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  • I gave our parents gifts at the rehearsal dinner (customized frames I had made on etsy) and after the wedding made each a photo book.   I think it's up to you if you want to give them gift


    I personally like gift cards, I prefer to pick out what I want, when I want/need it.  I gave each of my girls Sephora gift cards, but that wasn't their main/full gift.  I got them each different coach clutches (not wedding related, just bags I thought they'd each like) but added a Sephora gift card for each, knowing 2 of them where planning on going there on the day of the wedding to get make up done, and the other I knew shopped there as well . 

  • The parents' gift is more to thank them for raising you, not thank you for paying for my wedding.  If you are having lots of other people attending the rehearsal, it is best to not give out the gifts then.  But if you are just having parents, WP & their SOs, and anyone else involved in the ceremony attending the dinner, then go ahead with the gifts there. 

    For our parent gifts, we got MIL a small netbook computer, since she was in need of a new computer.  We got my parents gift cards for various restaurants because they didn't really need anything, but like to go out to dinner.  For mother's day, I got both moms a photo book of our wedding from snapfish using the pics from our photographers once they arrived on CD.
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