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Next-day Brunch?

I realize this is not a pre-wedding party, but wasn't sure where else to post.

FMIL is hosting (read: paying) brunch at the hotel, the morning after the wedding.  We have 2 options -

1- a formal, reserved room, at a $5 higher cost pp and we need a full headcount a few days before.
2 - provide coupons to guests as they check in, which will pay for their brunch in the dining room the morning after the wedding.

Personally, I like #2 because if people flake, are hungover, sleep in, whatever, we are not stuck paying for them. I can see a lot of my family flaking out, honestly. They are big drinkers and its going to be a rockin party. Also, we have enough to do, wrangling people for a headcount (FMIL won't do it, it will be on us) just adds to my list, and I really don't want to worry about it.

FI doesn't like that it won't be in a private room.  He thinks is strange to not all sit together.  I've been to weddings that did both styles, and thought they were fine.  In fact, the B&G mingled more when they had to float around and say hi to everyone, rather than just sit in one spot.


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    I like # 2 as well.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • Another vote for #2.
  • We did #2 with our wedding. I felt slightly bad for the few non-wedding folks who unfortunately were getting brunch at the same time and were surrounded by a ton of really amped up wedding guests loudly retellilng stories of the previous night's craziness, but oh well!
  • #2 sounds nice and more casual/relaxed!  After a wedding (and drinking) that is what I would prefer.  If I RSVP to post breakfast and then didn't feel like going because of xy and z I would force myself because it is the right this to do.  #2 takes that pressure off the guests.
  • We just did number 1 with a time range and a buffet.  People came and went from 9AM-1PM and it was really nice.  Those who slept in still got the same one to one treatment a guest deserves, and those who had to travel came early and left.  The whole morning felt really personalized with people coming and going as their needs allowed.  The hotel even held the centerpieces from the rehearsal dinner and re-used them for Sunday.  
  • Thanks for your input! Looks like we are going with option 2.
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  • #2, doesn't mean that you can't take over a section of the area. This way there is no pressure on your guests to come down at a certain time to eat. I know personally I would stay in bed as long as possible to enjoy the freedom of sleeping in. We have three dogs who don't understand what sleeping in means, so if when we go to hotels, we take advantage of it & sleep in (dogs stay home with a sitter). And why pay for people to eat who may not make it, waste of food and money.
  • Yes two for sure. It should be low-key and drop in because everyone's travel arrangements are different. We did one at a local breakfast restaurant and it was only a few people, mostly wedding party and immediate family but it was nice to recap the wedding all together. A lot of funny behind the scenes stories were revealed. Have fun!
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    Go with whatever you think your guests would like and whatever FMIL is comfortable with.  If your wedding is more formal, #1 might be better.  We're doing a #1 type brunch for out of towners, but we are also having a formal wedding.  If yours is more casual, #2 might be better.
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