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rsvp responses via our wedding website... Where do they go?

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I have a sneaking suspicion it's to the email I originally set up my knot account with. Problem is we have since created a wedding email account that the groom and I share. I don't want to manage the RSVP responses alone, can I change the settings so that RSVP responses via our website go to a different email than my user email? For instance the email account listed for the groom, which happens to be our shared wedding email address.

Re: rsvp responses via our wedding website... Where do they go?

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    Hi @Knottie61751910,

    If you're having problems updating your email please PM me with the email address you'd like to change it to and I'll update your information.

    Also, when you log into your account, on the left side of the navigation bar is "My Knot", hover over that and select "My Guest List" on the drop down. That will bring you to a page showing all of your guest lists and on the right hand side of each box will tell you if anyone has RSVP'd (so it will show "3 new updates" and if no one has it will say "No new updates").

    Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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