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What questions do you ask when visiting venues?

We are just starting to look at venues, and I feel like there are so many unanswered questions!  But what kinds of questions did you ask when you  visited wedding venues for the first time?

Re: What questions do you ask when visiting venues?

  • Do they have a built in sound system? What is the minimum/maximum number of people? Are there any extra fees? Do they require that you use a preferred vendor for catering and/or bartending? Can you see a copy of the contract? What size are the tables? Do they have any rental items? Will there be any changes to the venue before your wedding date?
  • Are kids allowed/restricted? Do they have security? Do they have liability insurance/do you have to purchase it? Are there rules or restrictions regarding alcohol service or consumption? Facilities for people with mobility issues? What parking/mass transportation is available and how much does it cost? What is expected/required re gratuities? Any rules/restrictions re photography/videography? Plan B for inclement weather if the venue is outdoors? Are any construction, major repairs, or renovations scheduled for the time of the wedding, and how would the wedding be affected?? Are any other major events scheduled for the time the wedding takes place?
  • Some others that came to mind:

    1) Rules and/or restrictions about setup or cleanup: who can do it/ how much advance time for setup and getting ready will you have/do you have to pay extra for cleanup crew?
    2) Is there any place for storage of wedding party members' things and/or gifts brought to the wedding while it's going on? How secure is it?
    3) Table layouts/seating: how many people per table? How close together are tables placed? Where are speakers, lights, etc.? What decorations are allowed/not allowed?
    4) Is there a cake-cutting fee? Can you get it removed from your contract if you don't have the venue cut the cake?
    • What is parking like - how many spaces
    • How far of a walk is it from parking to ceremony location
    • Is route handicap accessible
    • What are bathrooms like?
    • Is there a rain backup if outdoors?
    • Rules for alcohol? Allowed and do you have to pay for extra security?
    • What is all included in per person price (example, drinks, linens, cake, centerpieces)
    • What forms of payment do you accept
    • What is the maximum number of guests you can accomodate
    • What payment terms are
    • Cancellation rules
    • Do you require a minimum guest count
    • What are you or aren't you allowed to do with with decorations
    • How many hours are alloted for event & what is charge for extra time
    • Are tips for staff extra or included in per person rate
    • Can you use whatever vendors you want for DJ, flowers, cake, etc..
  • Thanks all!  This is all very helpful information!
  • If any part will be outside, make sure to ask what the rain policy is.
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