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  • Lol, please don't respond to my posts anymore. We clearly don't see eye to eye. You haven't had a positive thing to say on any of my posts. Buh bye.
    If you choose to post on The Knot, you must be ready to accept any posts you receive unless they violate the TOS.  Grow up.
  • We did a Sunday wedding, but had the traditional dinner and dancing. Ceremony at 3, cocktails from 3:30-5, main course served by 6 (we had dancing and salad first), over at 9. People with kids starting leaving around 8:30, everyone else stayed until the end. Some people joined us for drinks afterwards. It was definitely a PARTY, just not a late one.
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    Unless your ENTIRE social circle is made up of only federal employees or bankers, the day before Columbus Day wasn't your solution.  Federal employees have the day off, but many state employees do not.  Likewise, pretty much all businesses are open and kids are in school.  Columbus Day isn't really the big "holiday" I think you think it is.

    Also, the solution to not getting responses you don't like is to just stop posting on the internet.  Then there is no one to disagree with you.
  • Not very many people have Columbus Day off, and even if they did, many of us have explained why having a Sunday night wedding during a holiday weekend is still inconvenient for many people.
  • I don't find choosing to have a Friday or Sunday evening wedding to be so aggressively inconvenient as to conclude you care more about your vision than your guests.

    Guests don't have to come if the time is inconvenient for them. And for lots of people a Fri or Sun night is going to work just fine. Not everyone , but a Sunday brunch or Sat eve isn't going to be universally perfect either.
  • All you do is push the wedding costs onto your guests when you have a Friday or Sunday wedding. Their taking PTO saves you money. Cheapskate.
  • All you do is push the wedding costs onto your guests when you have a Friday or Sunday wedding. Their taking PTO saves you money. Cheapskate.
    This is utter nonsense.  Nobody HAS to go to a wedding. An invitation is NOT a summons. If a bride wants to get married at noon on a Wednesday she has every right to do so and nobody should say jack about it. If you can't afford to attend, you politely decline. If you don't want to attend for any reason, you politely decline. 

    Oh and Saturday doesn't automatically mean people won't have to take off. I've often had to take off a Friday to go to an out of town Saturday wedding because the flights don't work otherwise. That's not on them. Also lots of people work weekends and so all weekend weddings are inconvenient to someone.

    OP, a Sunday evening, Columbus Day weekend wedding sounds just lovely. You may or may not get more declines. A good friend of mine had a Sunday wedding on Labor Day weekend on Cape Cod and only had 10 declines out of 175 so don't stress about it and refer to this article when you get worried and start overthinking and worrying let this article calm you down: http://apracticalwedding.com/2010/01/you-guys/
  • All you do is push the wedding costs onto your guests when you have a Friday or Sunday wedding. Their taking PTO saves you money. Cheapskate.

    Really? This just seems excessive. Let's say you're inviting 75 people to your wedding, all of whom live within half an hour of you. Sunday evening, leave reception at 9:30, home by 10. Friday night, leave work at 5, change quickly, be at wedding by 6:30. It's not every situation but not all weddings involve travel.
  • All you do is push the wedding costs onto your guests when you have a Friday or Sunday wedding. Their taking PTO saves you money. Cheapskate.

    Yea, this isn't really true. Not everyone works a perfect 8-5 M-F schedule. My H and I both work Saturdays. We would have to take time off for a Saturday wedding or a Friday one, and a Sunday or Monday wedding would work best for us.

    In addition, not everyone lives where flights work out perfectly so no time has to be taken off for a Saturday wedding.

    For the record, we had a Wednesday afternoon wedding. We checked with our VIPs and it worked for all of them. Cost was not a factor. The church, cake, photog, flowers, pastor, everything would have cost the same regardless of the day we chose to have our wedding.
    We chose Wednesday because we were trying to find a good day as far away from Christmas as possible but yet after the fall semester was finished. Wednesday was the best day.
  • Hey so rather than calling me a cheapskate and saying I'm not thinking about my guests, how about you all just swallow a chill pill and realize that you don't know me or my friends and family any better than I know you. Shame on me for having the gall to ask the internet for advice on my wedding planning. I'm leaving this forum. I cannot believe how incredibly rude the majority of you have been. 

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    And thank you to those of you who have been genuinely kind and supportive, offering me true advice and helping me see the pros and cons of every situation... particularly @butterflyz419. Thank you, that article was very helpful.
  • chibiyui said:
    We found the perfect date at the perfect venue--Sunday October 11, the day before Columbus Day! And the venue won't charge extra for the holiday. It'll be just like getting married on a Saturday!

    Thanks for all your input, much appreciated!! <3 
    With all due respect, no. Sunday before a holiday is not like a Saturday. Many people still have work, and travelling on 3 day weekends is hell. Best of luck.
    Ditto. I've never had Columbus Day off before, in any job I've worked. It definitely wouldn't be like a Saturday for me, and most people I know. 
  •     We had our wedding on Columbus day. A Monday. It was a destination and we checked with our VIPs first. With the exception of the groom everyone was either retired or has an extremely flexible work schedule (immediate family only.) So a Saturday wedding isn't necessary in every case as seems to be implied here. 

        I prefer Friday weddings, then I can get on with my weekend, but my work schedule is flexible. You can have your wedding any day of the week you want whether The Knot approves or not. You do have to make sure anyone you absolutely must have there can make it, and accept the fact that you might have declines if you have a wedding on a Friday or a Sunday. 
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