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Living in Southern Oregon can make finding a place to get flowers in bulk a bit harder than in the Willamette Valley. We're getting married in September in Grants Pass. I'm planning on using daisies predominantly and also use some blue flowers like hydrangeas as highlights. I was hoping to avoid the expense of going through a florist if I didn't have to! Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Online! There are lots of tutorials for doing your own bouquets, bouts, etc.

    fiftyflowers.com and theflowerexchange.com have gotten some great recommendations on TK. Just google bulk flowers and price out what you want. Costco's website has insane deals on flowers as well, I know off the top of my head their red or white roses are $75 for 100 stems.

    Just make sure you read the website's tips on when to order and how to care for them when they arrive and you should be good to go! Good luck
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    Thank you!!! I never thought about going online for flowers. I figured that was just for the "big city" gals!! Smile
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    If you aren't set on using real flowers, you might want to compare the cost of real flowers to silk.  I dont know what they have down in GP, but I found a great store in Portland that has silk flowers at AMAZING prices... much less than real flowers.

    Good luck!

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    Online vendors I have used with no complaints are:

    The Flower Exchange
    American Floral Distributors
    Fifty Flowers
    Blooms by the Box

    In my experience, Costco's flower quality hasn't been as good as other vendors, but others have ordered from them without any issues.  Make sure you plan for your flowers to arrive a few days in advance (for a Saturday wedding, I always schedule them for arrival on Wednesday).  This will give them time to re-hydrate before you begin working with them.

    Good luck!
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    Neighbor's yards? As long as you spread it out over a few blocks, no one will notice.

    I've heard a lot of good things about CostCo's online flowers as well. I'm trying to grow my own but since I may not be successful, I'm keeping the online ordering in my back pocket. Does anyone know how long before you have to order them - is 1-2 weeks okay or does it need to be months?

    Kidding about the neighbor's yard thing of course - I'm about to strangle the cats that keep using my flower boxes as litter boxes. If only they weren't so fluffy and cute...
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    Colsta you crack me up!! I would STEAL them from the neighbors but the only good flowers are lilacs. And that could get dicey getting to them ... LOL j/k And I hear you on the cats. They use my three flower beds in the front yard as their personal toilets no matter what I do for discouragement - even my 105 pound lab/mastiff mix trying to run them in the ground (with me holding the 25-foot leash!) at them doesn't do a bit of good. Little ba-tards. Now they have moved onto to my vegetable gardens. I like cats, don't get me wrong. But man, these same people would freak the heck out if I let my dog crap all over their flower beds and vegetable garden!!
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    Sometimes a rarer or specialty variety requires a little more lead time to order, but for the most part you should be good to order within a couple of weeks of your wedding.  Keep in mind that many of them will raise their prices over a floral holiday, so if your wedding falls around one of those times, order way ahead of time to lock in the cheaper pricing!

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    There's an organic flower farm near Medford/Central Point where you can purchase flowers from for your wedding, called Le Mera Gardens http://www.lemeragardens.com/.

    If you're just looking to save money, this option might not be the cheapest way to go, but could be worth looking into depending on how many stems you'll need. Since they're a local farm, you'd also need to check whether the flowers you want are seasonal for September (they might not be), but they have a list on their website with photos of what's most likely to be in-season at different times.

    I've been going back and forth on what exactly I'm going to do for flowers for my wedding (and it's faaast approaching!) and Le Mera really sounded like a really cool option to me. But I have a bunch of folks in my wedding party who aren't excited about helping me put together centerpieces & bouquets.... so I may be stuck with a regular florist.
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    Thanks Loveswildflowers - I hadn't heard about them! I will check them out. Our flowers are going to be daisies and blue hydrangeas. I love them and I'm hoping they will be in season. If not, I may have to compromise on the hydrangeas. Not compromising on the daisies!!
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