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Block weddding website

I have seen this discussed, but I am not sure how to prevent any of my knot info from appearing in search engines.  When I google me and my fiance's name, my wedding webite page appears with our names and wedding date.  I have it password protected so no other information appears, but I do not even want that page to show. 

How do I prevent this from coming up?



Re: Block weddding website

  • Hi @Knottie47210961,

    Unfortunately, password protecting the pages is the only way to "hide" your site, although the website still will show up when your names are googled. One suggestion is to remove your last names on the website, which would make it more difficult to google.

    I've also made your registry unsearchable in search engines so the only way to access it would be through your site or if you provide the web address to someone.

    Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

    Thank you!
  • That is unfortunate.  Thank you for your help!!

  • Hi @knotriley!  I was wondering the same thing, and am trying to remove our last names but cannot figure out how.  I personalized our URL so that our last names are not showing in the address, but when you type in my first/last name and FI's first/last name into Google, our wedding website pops right up as the first result and shows our full names in the link.  Any way to fix this??


  • Hi @frenchiekin,

    It can take a few hours-up to a day or so for your site to be removed from search engines after the changes are made. I also removed your registry from search engines (which may have been leading search engines to your Wedding Website).

    If you're still having issues in the next few days please let me know!

    Thank You!
  • @knotriley - Thanks!  But, I changed the URL when I first created our website, which was weeks ago.  The actual URL itself has never had our full first/last names... but when you type our full names into Google/any search engine, our Knot website is the first result and shows our full names in the link.  I can PM you screen shots if needed!  Thanks for the help :) 

  • @frenchiekin there's a very good chance it was still coming up because of your registries, but it would be great if you could PM me the screenshots and I'll see what I can do!

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