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Hi all!!

I am planning out the music for our ceremony as we are meeting with the DJ in the next few weeks.  I really want to walk down to A Thousand Years by the Piano Guys.  Any suggestions on songs for mothers entrance?  I would like it to be in the same tone.  I found some Piano Guys songs can be a little too fast to match A Thousand Years. 

Also opinion needed:  Should I have the bridesmaids also walk to 1000 years or just me?  The processional right now is mothers, 4 groups of bridesmaids (paired together) MOH then ring bearers and flower girls.


Re: Ceremony Processional

  • I would pick a different song for them and just have you walk to 1,000 years since its common to pause between the wedding party and the bride. Some other Piano Guy favorites I think would be nice is "Can't Help Falling In Love or "Story of My Life." 

    You can also find a different instrumental group-- 2 cellos have similar music. 

  • Thanks so much!  Your response helped.  We decided to use Home by the Piano guys its not as up tempto as the original so I think it fits nicely.

    Thanks again!!
  • How about Begin Again, the instrumental version? I adore the Piano Guys, and I feel there is nothing they do that is inappropriate for a wedding/reception.
  • You could also talk to your DJ about slowing the tempo a little if you have another song you like, but are worried it's slightly too fast paced. We considered doing this with one our processional songs, but ended up leaving it alone even though it was a little fast. Our picks were all Vitamin String Quartet... grandparents and grooms parents escorted by the groom went first to VSQ's "Here Comes Your Man", bridesmaids went out to VSQ's "I'll Stand By You", and I went out to VSQ's "Just Like Heaven."
  • Thank you for posting this - as it helped me decide and I love your selections
  • Thank you for this! I had never heard of the Piano Guys so I jumped on YouTube and so wonderful! 
  • everyone else is walking out to 1000 years by the piano guys and I think I am walking out to marry me by train instrumental but I'm still debating on it.
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