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Will a DJ play what my guests and I want to hear? Need to find one in Denver for late summer.

The final piece of planning we have to do is choose a DJ.  I have been paying attention to the music at weddings lately and I have been disappointed.  They play slow and boring music during dinner, and only popular tween songs for dancing.  Is it possible to ask a DJ to play specific songs that we want, or will they only play a few of those and the rest will be his/her choice?  I want guests to be able to request something they like and I don't want any certain group feeling left out and sitting at the table all night like I've seen at other weddings.  I understand that the mood changes from dinner to dancing, but I don't want to hear funeral music and then a 180 to Kesha that no one will dance to.  Any suggestions or experiences with a good DJ in the Denver area?  If I ask my guests to request a song on the RSVP will the DJ honor that?

Re: Will a DJ play what my guests and I want to hear? Need to find one in Denver for late summer.

  • I have a friend who is a DJ and they will play what you want....within reason. The last wedding they DJ'd at people were requesting highly inappropriate songs that had no business being in a wedding. Needless to say, unless the bride or groom demand it be played, its not going to be on the list. I can give you their info if you want it.

    I'm using her as my DJ as well. Her first question was "What don't you want played?" And then others for specific times. She has a list of music you can either add songs you like or just use whatever you want. They can get an songs that you desire. I personally have compiled a list of songs that I want during dinner. They aren't slow or anything but they aren't Busta Rhymes. Cute songs like Ingrid Michaelson's, Landon Pigg, Regina Spektor, Lenka,  Chairlift, ect. 
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