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April 2012 Weddings


How do you ladies feel about an afterparty following your reception?

FI says he has always had more fun at afterparties than receptions because no older folks/parents/kids/whatever. Its usually just younger people, mostly all good friends or/and members of the BP. However, none of my BMs are friends with his GMs, whereas the weddings he was in everyone was close. Not that we wouldn't be able to have fun, but I just don't know that it'd be the same. 

I never really considered having one. I planned on going to our Bed and Breakfast,  doing our thing, and calling it a night. Our OOTs are going to stay nearby at an Econo Lodge. If we were to go to any festivities afterwards, we would basically have to stay at the Econo Lodge since we will have been drinking and it would be a hassle to be dropped off at the B&B, taken to the motel, and back to the B&B. 

Call me snobby...but I just did not envision my wedding night at the Econo Lodge... the B&B is not the Ritz and is not that expensive, but its just a little nicer. Also it keeps us away from immature family members that would run down to our room and make animal sounds in front of our door ( or other immature antics). 

I don't want to seem like a snooze by passing up on the party but I guess I was kinda looking forward to some quiet alone time with Scott (wink wink). We have to get up and drive 6 hours the next day and need to leave by noon at the latest, so we don't need to go too crazy at either the reception or an afterparty, if one happens.

I'm considering it, obviously, because we are doing a few things I want that he doesn't want to ( DJ at the reception/dancing is the main thing he is really against) so I want to be fair and hear him out. 
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