Brides in Central Oregon

I am just curious if there are any brides who are from the Central Oregon area.

Re: Brides in Central Oregon

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    I  am a bride from Central Oregon...

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    Well Hello.  It is nice to know that I am not alone :)  When are you getting married?
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    i'm getting married in central OR
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    Does Corvallis count? To me it's sort of central but you're probably talking more like Bend.
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    im in central oregon. our wedding is june of 2011 so its a ways away though
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    Where in Central Oregon are you all getting married? I am looking for a location...
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    i havent picked an exact location yet but somewhere in the bend/redmond area
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    I looked at tons of venues in the Bend/Redmond area. Some pretty ones are:

    The River Run Event Center 
    Five Pine Lodge
    Pioneer Park
    Flying Diamond Ranch
    Faith Hope & Charity Event Center
    the Fair Grounds in Redmond 
    Hollinshead Barn
    The High Desert Museum (I know, right?) 
    Old Stone Church
    McMenamins Old St Francis School
    The Tower Theater

    Those are some of where I looked. Most require their catering so if you wanted to do your own or hire outside, that limits your venue options unfortunately!

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    Hey Brides, when you get ready to book hotel accomodations I am here for you. Phoenix Inn Suites in Bend is the hotel to choose, we offer discounts for bridal parties and families coming for weddings.
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