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Time line - How long, on average, does it take to shoot all wedding photos (excluding the ceremony)

I am working on my time line.  Due to an unforeseen event I have had to make several changes to my wedding day plans, which includes moving our ceremony up almost an hour and a half and I am now concerned about how much time my wedding photos will need.
I have a very large family - due to divorces - so there are several sets of parent, sibling and grandparent pictures that will need to be taken along with Bride, Groom, wedding party, Bride and Groom, and all other family pictures (Bride and Groom with Grooms Parents, Bride and Groom with Grooms siblings and parents etc...)
We are not doing the first look photos - but if we have to then we will
As I have it right now we have about 1 1/2 hours before the ceremony  to try to knock out as many as we can and then about an hour after the ceremony to get the rest done (this does include drive time).  Does this sound like enough time? What experiences have you had as far as how long it takes to take all of the pictures?

Re: Time line - How long, on average, does it take to shoot all wedding photos (excluding the ceremony)

  • You ought to ask your photographer. They should be able to give you an estimation depending on how they operate and your physical drive times.
  • Before the ceremony, we took twenty minutes for first look, 45 minutes for parents and wedding party, and then another 45 minutes for just the two of us.  After the ceremony, we did all the grandparents and full family pictures when timing was relaxed because everyone else was at the cocktail hour.  I think it only took about a half hour to get everything at that point.

    Our saving grace, I think, was that I sent our photographer an EXTREMELY detailed list of pictures we needed beforehand, so that we could just run down the list.  Any extra time we had left over was used for fun shots of groups, etc.  And when I say extremely detailed, I mean that I started with a  core group of people, added more people in gradually to get a large group, and then took people out gradually so that we ended up with the other side of the family at the end.  That eliminated people going back and forth into the shot to pose, because if you were there, you just stayed there until you were completely finished (for the most part).

    **The OMH formerly known as jsangel1018**
  • Ditto PPs, you need to talk to your photographer.  Keep in mind that if you take photos during cocktail hour, you want to be sure there is someone that will make sure the people needed for photos stay back (if the reception is at another site) or round them up (if the reception is at the same location).  We took most of our photos (immediate family, bridal party, first look) before the cermmony and just needed to do extended family after which we did during the early part of the reception.  This way, everyone was able to enjoy the cocktail hour, including us!
  • We actually didn't have a ton of time for posed photos, but we still ended up with everything we wanted. I think it depends on how much they matter to you. Our photographer was expensive and more of a photojournalist, so we didn't want to spend the money to have extra pre-wedding photos. We had an hour and a half total before the ceremony: 0.5 for girls getting ready, 0.5 for guys drinking beer... I mean getting ready :), 0.5 guests arriving, then after the ceremony we had about 45 minutes split between extended family/bridal party pics and a photo session of just the two of us. It is doable, although an hour including driving time post-ceremony might be a bit tighter if you're not doing a first look. We didn't have driving time.
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