What I've been up to... PIPs

So I've finally got a few of my DIY projects done and checked off the list ...

Here are some of the tissue paper pomanders to line the aisle

and all three colors and one of the shepherd's hook ...

And my MOH bouquet trial .. ribbon will be neater but you get the gist.

And my favor boxes. I stamped and embossed the white words, kind of tried to imitate the frosting on a hostess cupcake! We are filling them with chocolate aquarium rocks and goldfish crackers.
Here's the close up shot ...

and here's the grouping of them. We're going to stack them up like cakes on cake stands.

I love how everything has turned out. And it hasn't even been too hard!

Re: What I've been up to... PIPs

  • DramaGeekDramaGeek member
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    I *LOVE* your tissue paper pomanders.  Love.  The bouquet looks great and the favor boxes are awesome.  Great job!!
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    Awesome! Everything looks fantastic. 

    Hopefully I'll have time this week to post pictures of my centerpieces.  They're finally done... As are the BM's bouquets.  I need to make two more (for back ups) and then I'll be done with this.

    also, I really want gold fish crackers now.

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    Great job! Everything looks fabulous - is there anything left or are all the DIY stuff done?

    mmm, crackers
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  • LeslieAnn23LeslieAnn23 member
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    Love the tissue poms!! I am making those for my wedding too. Glad to hear they were not too hard. I was kind of worried!
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    Leslieann -- I made mine smaller than the 5x7s in the directions which helped a lot. Mine were 4x5s.

    Thanks for the compliments .. I'm loving them more than I thought I would.

    And no .. not done with the DIY yet. Finished sanding the card box tonight and will stain it tomorrow. Same with our letter box. Also on the list are the ring bearer's suspenders and pillow; a basket liner for the card box and then paper treatments for the vases that are not fishbowls to hide the fact they were salad dressing bottles. And knitting up wool squares so I can make some brown wool flowers for my bouquet. And rehearsal dinner invities .. and then I think I'm done. Or at least I hope I'm done. Smile

    How about you guys? Done with DIY or just starting the projects??
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    I have a million half started things. Cardbox, tissue poms, invites just to start a depressing list. I get super excited about an idea, buy all the stuff, start, then go read a book. I'm horrible.

    You're knitting your bouquet? You must be one crazy knitter, I want to see pics!!
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    Not knitting the WHOLE bouquet .. just a few flowers. And not like knitting knitting. I'm knitting up a big square out of wool yarn, then I'll wash it so it felts. Then I'm cutting out daisy-like flowers from the felt and using buttons as the center. And just a few probably no more than 5 of them to be mixed in with my daisies and paper light blue hydrangeas. In my head it's gorgeous. Let's hope I can make it a reality.
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