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I can't believe TG is a week away


Re: I can't believe TG is a week away

  • *Barbie* said:
    *Barbie* said:

    I want to hear about the 8th grade shoe selling/trading business. 
    Oh gah.  It's mostly Nikes and the kiddo's whole goal in it is to get the best pair of shoes without having to exchange money AND then turning around and selling said shoes for cash.  He's had Lebrons and Jordans that he's traded/sold.  It's all high stakes and drama filled.  Lots of texts and instagramming going on. 
    so he took shoes that you guys bought him and sold or traded them to a classmate (for a pair of shoes that classmate's parents bought), and is continuing to sell or trade shoes until he decides to keep a pair or makes big money? Aren't theses like $100-something /pair? are the kids *wearing these shoes* or are they new in box? if they are new in box, why are these kids buying $100-something shoes and then not wearing them? 

    I'm so confused. 
    The shoes are normally USED, which gives me all sorts of squickies.  I tell him I don't want to hear about foot funk. 

    Anyway, we tell him which shoes he CANNOT trade/sell (which are ones we purchased), but the rest are fair game.  He's actually done pretty well and does great research on the shoes before deciding on a deal.  

    I wish he'd put this much effort into caring about school, LOL. 
  • he should see what he could find in a thrift store or consignment shop. the Duggars were paying $1/pair for shoes.  he might be able to make some good money on $1 shoes. 

    but yeah, used shoes - yuck. :-P (especially teenage boys - possibly the dirtiest, stinkiest creatures on the planet.)
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