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Wedding of 75

We are looking for an event space in the Twin Cities that is a good space for 75. The ceremony will be in Fridley. We would like to bring in liquor and caterer.  Any suggestions?  We have been all over the board from a 20 person wedding to 200 and am happy we settled at 75!  We would like a space that is not too large to keep it feeling intimate. Thank you so much!  

Re: Wedding of 75

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    Unless you've got a caterer and liquor service in mind - keep an open mind!  Providing these yourself may not save you a dime by the time all expenses are accounted for including the additional cost of event insurance if you provide your own alcohol (if someone over-indulges you can be held liable if they get into an accident - sure, the risk is small, but is it worth it for as cheap as the policy is to not have it, but still an added expense compared to having it with the hall or outside vendor).. 

    Depending on how far you're willing to travel there are quite a few places - check out Twin Cities Gateway as they have a link with meeting spaces (which will likely have more open policies)... 

    It's either the Fridley VFW or Lion's Club that just recently renovated that would be a good place o consider but not sure how open they'd be on the alcohol especially.

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    They only allow beer and wine, and you have to get permits for it, but this is in Fridley. I had initially considered it, but went a different route.

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