Wedding Woes

Things for Thursday

1. I seriously think the people on Vanderpump Rules don't work for Lisa as servers.  She just needed pretty people to be cast for her show.  Watching the show makes me never want to eat in her restaurant. 

2. Lisa Rinna is my new favorite on RHoBH.  She cusses as much as I do, her kids ride the bus, she gives zero fucks, and is funny.  

3. I watched three documentaries on HBOGO on Tuesday,  "Manhunt" (about the CIA's investigation and tracking of Bin Laden), "The (dead mothers) Club" (three regular women and three celebs (Rosie O'Donnell, Molly Shannon, and Jane Fonda) talking about how having dead mothers shaped their lives), and "112 Weddings" (a wedding photog goes and interviews couples he photographed at their weddings and talks about what happens since their weddings.  It ends weddings 111 and 112).  They were all pretty good. 

4. I need to get stools for my kitchen.  Vote: With a back or backless? 

5. Our scheduling system tried to say that I wasn't here today.  I think it's drunk. 

6. BIL sent me his cornbread recipe.  I can't wait to try it tonight.    

Re: Things for Thursday

  • 4- We have stools with backs. I much prefer them as we eat at our island right now for dinners. DS can sit there and I don't worry about him falling off.

    My things-

    1. I have tomorrow off and so much work to do. Including my annual performance review. I am dreading that.

    2. I have been having the hardest time falling asleep at night. Last night, I laid in bed till about 2 am. Of course, waking up with the kids was brutal.

    3. I decided that with my annual bonus, I'm going to use the money to finish decorating the house. Except now I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what I want to do. I wish I had the money to hire an interior decorator.
  • 4. Get the backs.  We ended up with a low profile back so they sit flush with the island.  Amisco brand

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