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What are you all reading?


Re: What are you all reading?

  • amelishaamelisha Canadian Texas member
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    larrygaga said:
    100 years of solitude.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez always takes a while for me to warm up to him. 

    You're a better woman than I. My degree was in Spanish language and literature, so I think you can imagine how much Marquez I read over the course of my undergrad, and I just don't enjoy it. I even tried two in the English translation a year or two ago and they were even tougher to get through. I know everyone says that it's so worth it but I guess my tastes aren't sophisticated enough or something, lol. Many, many papers were written and discussions were had and I still just don't get Marquez and I kind of feel like a failure for it.
  • hellosweetie1015hellosweetie1015 Where the skies are so blue member
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    ...y'all, I'm rereading the Harry Potter books. Again. For the bajillionth time.

    I've got plans to start the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater up again - the third book is on my wishlist for FMIL at the very tippy top, so I'm hoping that putting it in such a place of honor will hint to her that it's my most wanted thing and she'll get it for me. If not I'll have to get it myself and then I'll have to find a signed copy somewhere because my other two are signed and I'm anal like that.

    I also put Fall of Giants on my wishlist, mainly because I liked Pillars.
  • sarahuflsarahufl New York member
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    I'm always late to the party, so currently reading the Game of Thrones series.

    Yes to Slaughterhouse 5. A million times yes. This should be required reading for a How to Be A Good Human Being 101. (One of the greatest experiences of my life was meeting Kurt Vonnegut Jr., and stealing his ink pen. I thought it might have some kind of mystical writing magic in it. Failing that, a good conversation piece.)

    The Divine Secerets of the YaYa Sisterhood is always a good read. All the Ken Follett series. Amy Tan (Joy Luck Club) rocks.

    I love re-reading. People sometimes question this, but it's no different than listening to your favorite music over and over. 
    Fun story- my mom went to high school with the woman who wrote Divine Secrets. The books were all SUPER thinly veiled references to their hometown and her family. 

    There was a lot of pearl-clutching going on when the books came out because it was so scandalous. They would sit around and try to figure out who was who in the story (usually it was pretty easy)

    Small town living at its finest!
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