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Heffa- I started the Serial podcast.

You and several other people were talking about it. So I've been listening to it this morning and I'm done with the first 2 episodes.

All I have to say is damn.

Re: Heffa- I started the Serial podcast.

  • I'm listening to episode 1 now.

  • I'm listening to episode 1 now.

    Me too!  
  • I'm being sucked in. I have 6 more episodes to listen to and I sort of want to run away from my family and listen to them all.
  • I was in the middle of episode 3.  WHOA.
  • What is it about?
  • Basically, it is a reporter's look at murder that occurred in 1999. Each episode addresses something different about the case and what has happened in the years since. There are interviews with people involved and a look at the evidence.
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    How long is each episode?
  • They range from about 30-50 minutes long.
  • Episode 9 was released this morning, I listened to it on the drive in.  DS is quickly getting up to speed.  ;)

    I have gone back and forth so many times on who did it, and why.

    No new episode next week (Thanksgiving), so you may want to drag them out, PMeg.  Or not.
  • No, I'm a binger. I will have to finish because I have to know.

    I'm on Episode 5 now.
  • PMeg819 said:
    I'm on Episode 5 now.
    Route Talk?  That's an interesting one. 
  • yes- that one made me waffle so much. It's so circumstancial.
  • PMeg819 said:
    yes- that one made me waffle so much. It's so circumstancial.
    I don't think it's a spoiler to say that so much of this entire case is circumstantial.  I'm trying not to debate too much (until everyone is all caught up) because I don't want to accidentally drop spoilers, but seriously, I've gone back and forth so much.  After Episode 8 last week I was leaning toward guilty, after this week's episode I'm even further in the opposite direction.

    Get to Episode 9 as soon as you can, because there are some new facts at the beginning that directly address some of the points in Route Talk.

    Also...Jay, man.  WTF?  I went from thinking he was completely shady, to hearing from him (indirectly) in Episode 8 and mostly giving him the benefit of the doubt, to now wondering if anything he's ever said about this case was true.

    Also, there's a shrimp sale at the Crab Crib.  ;)
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