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Nevada-Las Vegas

Aria Brides - FYI Marissa Has Left

Just got an email from her.  She didn't say where she was going.  I really liked working with her.  I have Erika now.  I'm not worried (I hope).
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Re: Aria Brides - FYI Marissa Has Left

  • I got the same email last night.  I got Marcela now.  Anyone had any experience with her?  I'm not worried either, except that one of Marcela's days off during the week is my wedding day! 
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  • I have Erika as my coordinator and she is brilliant I have also had contact with Jessica and Mylin (assistants) which has also been great. I have changed my floral options and they have been excellent at getting quotes etc from their florist x
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  • Side note I think mylin is gone now too...Jessie is still there
  • All good to know.
    Happiness is an inside job
  • I find it absolutely incredible how much turnover there is in the service industry in Vegas.  I wonder if it's because the jobs are that horrible or you move up that quickly? lol  When we started out, three people that were there on our scouting trip at various venues were gone within six months, once we chose a venue, the Mandalay group dining person we started out with left, the manager at Mix left, by our first anniversary, only four of the staff at Mix that were there on our wedding were still there, by our third anniversary, there is now one left.

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  • It's the service industry in most major cities. As someone who works in the hospitality industry (hotels and resorts) it's very common for people to move around a lot. Especially when you're talking about the sales types of jobs. Now, my experience with the Orleans has been very different. They've all been in catering for years and years
  • Same with Cili. Tracy has been there for awhile and she's awesome!
  • I have had Marcela ever since I enquired about my wedding at Aria. I have met her in person. She has been great so far!
  • @nat2502, that makes me feel great!  Thanks for sharing!
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