Phoenix, AZ Ceremony Venues for Budget Minded?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. We would love to have a small reception (finger foods, drinks, cake). But at this point we're having trouble just even finding someplace for the ceremony.

Re: Phoenix, AZ Ceremony Venues for Budget Minded?

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  • What part of the Valley? Downtown Mesa's Tre Bella might work for you, there's also 12 Main . The Landmark Restaurant in Mesa might also work.
      Sajuaro Ranch Park in Glendale is inexpensive and you could bring in your own food.Also, I've been told the Sun Lakes Golf club is quite reasonable.
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  • lexiandbeefcakelexiandbeefcake Phoenix, AZ member
    Whispering Tree Ranch in Laveen has a great atmosphere for small ceremonies (We're having our wedding here)! Or Venue at the Grove? There's another place that does like 20 people tops and I can't remember the name now... Antique house? Chapel House? Shoot....
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