Ceremony venues near Hartford?

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion for this. My fiancé and I put a deposit on our reception venue about a week ago. When we put down the deposit, we were also planning to have the ceremony at the same site. We were told we could have a ceremony at 4:30 PM, and reception following from 5-10 PM. However, I got a call from one of the event coordinators today telling us that because of another wedding party at the same time (but in a different reception room), we'd have to have the ceremony at 6:30 PM and the reception after that because while they have two reception rooms, they have only one gazebo for ceremonies. We can't have a 7-midnight reception...that's too late for the elderly family members. Also, our wedding date is October 10, and the sun sets at 6:20 that time of year--not ideal for pictures. We could move the date a week earlier and have a time that we prefer, which is an option, but we're also now thinking about just having the ceremony off-site and keeping our original date.

I've contacted Wickham Park to see if they have any gardens available for ceremony-only on our date, but I have a feeling they might be booked already. So, I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for a ceremony location in the Hartford area? I'd prefer something outdoors, but the right indoor location could work. We want to keep it more on the low-key, rustic side. Any thoughts?


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