Bachelorette Ideas for Madison, WI

Hello everyone! I am my friend's MOH for her August wedding, and I'm trying to think of some fun ideas for a Bachelorette party in Madison, WI. Do you have any ideas or recommendations? She LOVES Dueling Pianos so I'm hoping to fit that into the schedule somewhere if they have that in Madison. 

Re: Bachelorette Ideas for Madison, WI

  • The Ivory Room on State Street does dueling pianos most weekends. You can always check their website.

    For one of my friends bachelorette parties a few years ago we took a dance class at Dance Fabulous and learned the choreography from the "Thriller" video then busted out the moves at her reception. That was a lot of fun!
  • That's great; thank you!! 

    I think our plan is to go to a spa to start the morning (I'll need to start researching that soon), then have lunch, and head to the Piano Bar at night. I'll need to think of something in between lunch and the Piano Bar depending on how long we are at the spa. We'll probably head out to bars/clubs after the Piano Bar so I'll need to start looking that up as well. Any recommendations? 

    Thanks again! :)
  • Make sure they know it's her bachelorette party at The Ivory Room and they'll probably embarrass her by making her climb on the piano!  Also, you know...to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions in the process. ;)

    State Street and the Square are GREAT areas for bar hopping. There's so many there you can just easily walk down the street and find something.  Around the square there's The Old Fashioned, The Cooper's Tavern, and Brocach that I can remember off the top of my head. I love Brocach -- last time I was there they had this lovely little concoction called a Stoli Doli. Very dangerous, basically house-infused pineapple vodka. It tasted nothing like vodka and everything like juice... I was very drunk after two of them.

    Along the "spokes" of the square there are also fun little places like Great Dane, Genna's, and Opus. Opus is across the street from the Majestic Theater on King Street and is super tiny but they have wickedly awesome drinks.  Merchant is in the same area and they have great cocktails as well.

    Not too into the "club" scene myself, but I know of a few in the area.  Whiskey Jack's is okay...Segredo is sketchy and so is Madison's from what I've heard.  Honestly, the only club I've been to is Plan B and I love it...it's also the gay bar so you have that going for you with a bunch of girls (less creepy guys trying to hit on all your friends) but it also is not really in the vicinity of State or the Square.
  • If you're an athletic or outdoorsy crew, you could take an afternoon trip to Devil's Lake for a hike up the bluff.  It's less than an hour from Madison.  We did that for a friend's bachlorette party and had plenty of time to have dinner, get ready, and go out that night.
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