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Spray painting/glitterfying bottles

Has anyone done this without getting glitter everywhere? I was thinking of glitterfying individual champagne bottles but I'm thinking the glitter is going to be a nightmare. I'm curious if spray painting with a gold paint may give a similar appearance without the glitter? As a guest I know I would hate to get glitter everywhere and my linen vendors may not like me at the end of the night.


Re: Spray painting/glitterfying bottles

  • feignduckyfeignducky member
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    What are you trying to achieve? Glitter everywhere or a detailed image like a number with it?

    Hair spray can add hold but only to a point.
    Many sprayed Clear coats might hold more.

    *This is coming from an inexperienced person on sparkle/glitter.*

    I believe there is a spray paint you could use that is glitter. I'm not 100% sure because again I'm not a fan of glitter and ignore those products, so unfamiliar territory.

    Heat shrink? (If a big bottle)- Coat outside with glitter. When completely set, try a small heat shrink basket bag (used to find them in the dollar store), wrap bottle carefully and shrink it it with hair dryer. Trim away excess plastic, use clear nail polish to seal glitter at cuts. Be careful this stuff shrinks when you get a specific temperature so make sure everything can withstand the heat.

    Small glitter detail on bottle?- Try nail polish. You can always erase it adjust with a little acetone/polish remover.

    Resin? If you are really ambitious you could try resin. Dip a bottle in resin (add glitter to resin or coat first). Do note every resin is different so research and read the directions, then again to make sure. And it's guaranteed to be messy and destroy everything it touches when hardening.

    Have you thought of mercury glass? It can have a shine. And there are a lot of tutorials on it. There's mirror krylon spray paint you can spray on the inside of glass to make it mirror-like. We (fiancé and I) are trying to make a first surface mirror (mirror on the outside surface you are facing not behind a clear product) for a decoration. Our notes on using that product: It works great as intended especially on a flat surface. On the outside of a surface, you wouldn't get a crisp reflection from it (about 60-80% there). It's fumes to be 5x (minimum) stronger than spray paint/hairspray so use this carefully. Anyone wanting to use it should practice despite it's price and coverage one tiny can gives you. It notes light, even coats to achieve it's best effect and it's important if you want an even mirror-like effect. Spraying this inside a bottle, would be difficult. If it's freshly and unevenly coated, toss in some sand/pebbles and shake you might get a glitter-like effect from scratching a little of it away.

    Again I am not a fan of glitter/sparkle/shiny person, but filling it with small shiny objects like Martin-gras beads or hanging a few chunky strands of beads might do a nice alternate sparkle.

    Apologies if any of this is not the answer you are looking for.

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    You could mix glitter into mod podge and then paint it onto the bottles. You'll get less glitter fallout from that. Then add some clearcoat on when the glitter layers are dry.

    I'm the fuck out.

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    feignducky sorry I didn't clarify, the champagne bottles are favors for guests. I wanted to jazz them up a bit before putting my own label on them. 


  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    feignducky sorry I didn't clarify, the champagne bottles are favors for guests. I wanted to jazz them up a bit before putting my own label on them. 

    I would skip the glitter then. Or just something small like a single stripe.

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