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silk flower centerpieces DIY

Hi girls! i decided to try to do my own centerpieces with silk flowers to try to save on money... here's the results so far my MOH & I did.... thoughts? criticisms? want them to look as real as possible.. thanks! :)

Re: silk flower centerpieces DIY

  • I think they look great! I love that the vases are different heights! Where did you get your silk flowers from? I am thinking of using them, and yours look very nice.

    Good job!
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  • thanks girl! I thought that different heights would give a nice variety, im glad someone else thinks so too & it wasnt just me ! LOL !  I actually got the flowers from a few different local silk flower stores.... i heard has some nice ones.. but they were more than i wanted to spend without being able to look at them first i'd try local if they are any by you!
  • I got silk rose buds and open roses from silk flowers for a great price. The rose buds were about 20 cents per bud which was a great deal. We used them for my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, and 14 centerpieces. We got some additional kinds of flowers at Michaels with coupons. We got tons of compliments on them.
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    I love the vases, I think these look great!
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