I'm so over tissue paper...

and I STILL have five pomanders to go for the aisle decorations. My fingers are sore from folding, scoring and twisting wire for 3 hours to get one done and another a third of the way completed. And I'll be folding, twisting and scoring more tonight after work.

The one I finished yesterday — minus the ribbon to hang it from — came out great. It helped that I changed the dimensions of the paper and made them smaller. But each 6-inch ball takes about 1 1/2 packages of tissue paper or about 40 flowers. Sigh.

Re: I'm so over tissue paper...

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    You can get them done, just throw on a good movie (or series.) I'm sure if you start with the first Harry Potter by the time you're through the 6th one all will be done :)

    My craft movie is White Christmas. Whenever I need to seriously focus I throw it on. I know all the words and don't have to look up to know what's going on.
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    I'm planning on making several hundred paper roses for my wedding-- they're really pretty but take about 15 minutes apiece start to finish.  I'm going to try precutting the petals-- the boring part-- and having a "flower party" with friends to do as many as possible.  Will they be perfect?  Probably not.  But it will be fun for them to learn how to make these and it will be a fun memory. Of course, I have a lot of "crafty" friends who get together and do stuff like this already.  It will be something like a quilting bee.
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    I gave up trying to get them all done on my own yesterday. It's become another part of the wedding favor assembly party me and my girls are having next weekend! 
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