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How was the weekend? 

Saturday we got a coating of freezing rain and ice.  I had training and they are really happy with my work.  They talked about getting me a work laptop and how they fight over who gets to send me stuff.  I'm still limited to an hour a day, but that should be lifted soon.  She also asked if I'd want to up to 3 hrs next fall.  Which I would!

Then was my uncle's funeral.  The ice delayed a lot and a lot of people couldn't attend, but the church was still pretty full.  Max decided to ride the kneeler like a horse and squeal "giddyup horsey."  He was promptly removed.  I was doing okay until the 17 grandkids stood on the alter telling their favorite stories of Papa.  Gah seeing those great big 20something year old guys losing it was awful.  Then watching my aunt clutching her son as they followed the casket up the aisle.  Done, done, and done. 

Sunday we put up Christmas decorations. DH is usually opposed before Thanksgiving, but it's hard to pass up 50 degree weather.

Re: Monday

  • We helped our friends paint and move most of the weekend.  I'm completely pooped.

    Saturday we had TG lunch with one of my grandmas.

    We have gotten about an inch of snow this morning and we'll get a little more this afternoon.  At least it's not the 3-5 they were originally predicting.  The timing of our roof repair couldn't have been more perfect - it poured for nearly 24 hours and then turned to snow.

    The kids have school today and tomorrow and then are off the rest of the week.
  • YAY on work, 6.  I'm sorry the funeral was tough for everyone.  :(

    The weekend was just OK.  We did not get near the amount of stuff done that we wanted to for the party.  Ah well, It is what it is.  I ran all over kingdom come all weekend between trying to get stuff for the party, regular shopping, and fitting in Christmas stuff.  Between the shopping I did this weekend and online orders, the kids are 90% done for Christmas.  

    DefConn watched Toy Story for the first time this weekend and he loved it.  It was the kiddo's favorite movie when he was DefConn's age, so seeing DefConn love it so much makes me smile. 

    The kiddo's sick.  Sinus/ear infection.  Off to minute clinic we go on lunch.  

  • Funerals are hard, sorry 6.  Although I am thoroughly amused by the kneeler horsey.

    Friday we spent the morning meeting w/ people from the drain comission, and signed over an easement over about 1/4 of our property...not ideal, but mabye we won't flood our basement every year now?
    We were going to go to the big light parade/lighting of the state tree/fun in cold thing on Friday but it was TO DAMN COLD.  Buffy and I watched it on TV instead.

    We did a lot of necessary relaxing nothing, I made Buffy a skirt (wonder woman) that I didn't manage to get pictures of yet.

    Sunday we went to church and I got asked to bring up the communion stuff.  My child was in the back row, clapping quietly, saying "YAY MOMMY" throughout my walk up to the front.  Somewhat hilarious.

    I earn a total of 6 hours of comp time this week, because of Friday off on my regular day off, which will be added to when I have to work next Friday AND saturday, boo!
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    Sisters FTW.  My younger sister's school is off all this week.  She's coming to take the kiddo in to the minute clinic for me.  
  • Saturday we froze as we took some family photos for our holiday cards. But they're going to be worth the discomfort. PF was on FIRE for the camera. Then we had lunch with the friend who did the photos and headed to a kid's birthday party in the evening.

    Yesterday was GORGEOUS so we went to lunch at a new restaurant near us, then walked up to the local park, spent an hour in the swings with PF, then walked up to do a little shopping. It was too nice of a day to spend inside. Though I really need to buckle down and start working on my SS gift.
  • Funerals are so rough, I'm sorry 6.  Realistically, since you promptly removed him, this is going to be a funny story about the funeral.  Time will smooth it over.

    This weekend was awesome and exhausting.  Saw a lot of great speakers, got a lot of new members, talked to a lot of people, bumped Page likes, membership numbers up, etc.  We had someone from the LGBTQ task force who talked about the high numbers of murder in the transwoman population and I was in tears the entire time.  I had to remove myself for about an hour to pull myself back together.  I'm becoming too empathetic in my old age.  Another interesting one was why is psychology silent on atheism?  Not study atheists per se, but when they're studying how to deal with X issue for religious peoples, why aren't they also including non-religious peoples in that?  Also, studying actual atheists who can suffer from minority stress syndrome.  Very interesting.  

    It was nice hanging out all weekend with my people.
  • 6, I am a sympathy crier so I hear you, it's really tough watching close family members dealing with things that we can't help with but only can provide support. 

    Weekend was "meh".  Friday I stayed up because H finally had it out with his mother and he said he's "done" and I believe him.  One door closed with that one. 

    Saturday H went to work, I saddled up and went out for a 80 minute run with my running friend in the wilderness.  It was so fun, even though we were slightly lost and wet and cold.  Oh well.  Got home, removed some wallpaper, and did some lounging.  H and I put down subflooring or started on Saturday night.

    Sunday was sleeping in until 10:30 and then running around for more staples, random things and groceries.  Returned home to finish the subflooring, and clean up the basement.  Then H called to tell me that he'd have to leave at 8 pm to travel about 20 miles northeast to a town in anticipation of a funeral today to be in honor guard and do his duties for that today.  *strop*  So we had to rush around after bday dinner with his sibs/FIL and get him out of the house.  But I did sleep really well and hogged the whole bed like a champ. 

    Also, sMIL spilled her Sangria across the table pretty much all over me.  I just laughed, mopped it up and promptly sat down and continued as if it didn't happen.  I figure I was the best option for that to happen to because I don't care about those things.  NOPE.
  • 6, that is so hard.:(


  • I'm sorry 6. That's tough.

    This weekend was a nice mix of productive and shitfest. Friday I was off with the kids and we ran a ton of errands- tire store, haircut for DS, Michael's, new shoes and pants for DS, Costco, and Cost Plus World Market. Then after I put DD down it was Target and the grocery store. Saturday we relaxed and worked on painting. I have to paint some baseboards and ceilings, then my archways. Then I am done with painting! Finally.

    Today is DD's first birthday. She is teething, getting over a cold, and going through a growth spurt. This afternoon, because I'm a sadist, I'm taking her for her 1 yr appointment and she's getting shots. This week will be crazy- Thanksgiving, her party, family in town so I'm hoping that I'll have one night to relax.
  • Sorry, 6. That's really sad :(

    Friday afternoon, my FIL took me to pick up my car, and then after H got home we had pizza. H had asked me earlier in the day if he could get an XBox (I think that's what it is) and I said sure, but reminded him that he would not have anything to open for Hannukah or Christmas morning. He was fine with that, and I'm glad he decided to treat himself because it doesn't happen often.

    Saturday morning, I hit the gym with Baby A and then home to switch kids. I took Baby L to lunch and a craftshow with a girlfriend, and H took Baby A to Marvel Universe, which apparently was awesome. I went to Costco and dealt with annoying and old people, plus sat in the line for gas 2x. The boys got home relatively late so we just hung at home, which was fine.

    Yesterday was breakfast with H's family at First Watch, followed by errands. Then H and I went to see The Gone Girl. If you've seen it, that one scene will haunt me forever. A quick stop at Publix and then home for laundry, etc.
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