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Taw, we have to discuss TWD.

Daryl made me say a four letter word, I don't usually say last night.

Re: Taw, we have to discuss TWD.

  • I KNEW Sasha was being played.  Saw it coming from a mile away.  Gah.

    Rick just wants to kill someone.  He's in that mode and he almost didn't even listen to Daryl.

    Something awful is going to happen next week.  I think either Beth or Carol is going to die and I sort of feel like it's Carol.
  • Oh My Goodness! I died every time he would put his hand in that walkers mouth. Scary!!!!

    I wanted them just to go in shooting and blowing up stuff like Terminus, but I guess they're going with a different approach.

    I can't believe that Sasha believed him. Dumb.

  • Oh, the hand in the mouth!  I turned to DH and said "how would you like Norman's fingers scraping your teeth?"  Yick.

    And Father Gabriel.  Man.  What's his plan?!
  • Father Gabriel needs to go sit down. Could he try any harder to get himself killed. I did love stepping on the nail. Good imagery there.

    I don't want them to kill Carol. She's up there with Daryl in my mind. Beth can go, though. Bye Beth.

  • Ha!

    The fake choke attack/diversion at the hospital was so cheesy.  That's the best they could come up with!?
  • Also I had no idea Sonequa Martin-Green was pregnant!
  • Me neither. She is tiny for 8 months.
  • I'm really not looking forward to next Sunday.  I am going to have to ready myself for anything.  I don't know why I think something extra terrible is going to happen, but I do.  Like, Herschel bad.
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    If they kill of Carol I may need to stop watching. She is the most badass out of all of them.
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