Reasonably Priced DJs

Hello - Does anyone have any good, reasonably priced DJs they have used or looked into?  Thanks so much!!

Re: Reasonably Priced DJs

  • What is reasonably priced to you? How many hours do you need? Reception and Ceremony? These things all factor into the cost. If you search this thread you'll see what others have paid or who they booked
  • Hi! We just signed with Michael Devine aka DJ Zombo. He is a pretty well known DJ in the Pittsburgh area. Our reception venue recommended him to us and we have heard great things about him. He charges a flat fee of $800 for the day.
  • I need him for only the reception - about 5 hours, preferably under $1k if possible.

    Thanks pittpensgirl1028!!  I will look into him!

  • We loved Scott Miser of DJ Magic Moments. He did my sisters wedding and was awesome!! I think he is a hair over $1K though. 
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