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There is a decision

The Grand Jury in Ferguson, MO is going to make an announcement soon. 

I'm saying a prayer for peace no matter what happens.  

Re: There is a decision

  • This is so 'effin stupid.

    An 8 pm decision, on top of already activating the National Guard and declaring a state of emergency.

    I'll tell you something right now:  looters don't need the dark.  Authority figures are the ones who hide their shady dealings in the dark.
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    I'm in an area where I don't get much in the way of news (WAY out in the bush).
    Can anyone enlighten me?
  • The grand jury has made a decision re: Darren Wilson in the Mike Brown case for Ferguson, MO.
  • I work in Oakland, California. While my agency's counterparts on the east coast get "Snow Days", we get "Civil Unrest Days." Heading home at 2:00 today before the town burns to the ground. Wooo.
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