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Stitch Fix

Anyone else ever try it?

I got my first box last month after a good friend of mine tried it and had gotten some cute stuff.

The first box was a bit of a fail due to the fact that I specifically said "NO POLYESTER" and 2 items were pure polyester. I kept a knit vest which is very cute and sent everything else back.

I should have my next box tomorrow and from what I've been able to look at online, it looks much better. Fingers crossed.

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    I've done it a few times. I've kept one item. Overall, I was a bit disappointed because they didn't take my profile into consideration at all. I was nursing DD and said only dresses with low necklines or no dresses at all. What I got was two dresses, high necklines in one box. I don't want to completely undress to feed my child. I also indicated I'd like accessories because I always have a hard time with that aspect but I never once got any. I felt like the quality is what I'd get from a store sort of between Nordstrom and The Gap. But with those stores I can use coupons or they have sales so I'd ever pay full price. I may try it again in a few months just to see what I get this time around. 

    The other thing I'll add is that I was sort of put off by the bloggers they've chosen to send boxes to and reached out too. They did a bunch of the fitness/healthy foods bloggers and some of them are so damn orthorexic and disordered.
  • I kind of felt the same way. It's like they didn't read the profile I created, or looked at my pinterest board.

    That would annoy me about trying to get nursing appropriate clothing and getting 2 dresses and high necklines, especially when there are so many other options, you know? I agree with you about the quality falling somewhere between Gap and Nordstrom. I also noted that there is a LOT of synthetic fibers in a lot of the clothing I've seen on some of the reviews. I'm not a synthetic fiber kind of girl. It's way too hot here for that and I hate the feeling of polyester on my skin. I'm hoping that this month will have a better selection of natural fibers.

    It seems as though the stylist I got this month did a better job, at least from what I can see. My box arrives this afternoon, so we'll see if that's the case. If this one is a dud, I'll try it again one more time with super super specific feedback.

    I agree with you about the bloggers. I love reading the reviews and seeing what everyone got, but some of those girls are a little nuts.
  • I really feel like that unless you've invested some money with them in terms of getting several boxes and buying everything they don't really "style" it all that much. The clothes in my first box were laughable- I said no outerwear and got a polyester cardigan. Yeah, not going to work for me. My later boxes were better but I still couldn't keep doing the whole "let me tell you what I want and you give me the opposite of that".
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