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XP: AHHH! (Hey Zelda fans - you'll love this!)

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So earlier today - BF told me he was staying late at work today - ok no biggie. 

So I get home, put on sweats, put my greasy hair up in a messy bun - and start watching SYTTD. 

BF comes home, and he had the Gameboy DS with him, and I had a boss I wanted to beat-  so I asked him for it. 

I start playing - in my sweats, with no bra on, greasy hair up in a bun - and he comes and sits down next to me and starts watching me play. About half way through the boss fight (Big Boss in the Forest Temple - just for whoever cares) and this happens:

BF - "Babe - can you pause that?"
Me - "No way! This is a boss fight!!! You don't pause a boss fight!"
BF - "OK, so - Will you marry me?" (Holding up the ring in front of the game)
Me - "WHAT?! You're doing this now?! YES!!! Ahhh!!!!"

So - BF is no Fi!!!! Whooop!!!!!

Obligatory pic:


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Re: XP: AHHH! (Hey Zelda fans - you'll love this!)

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