Looking for a Portland area venue..

I am having trouble finding a venue, Ive looked at all of the obvious locations that I have found in magazines and online.. Trying to find one location for both ceremony and reception, outdoor/indoor combo, very rustic and relaxed (barn, meadow, etc,) and of course, we would like the price to be low.. any suggestions?!? They would be very appreciated!!

Re: Looking for a Portland area venue..

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    Have you looked into vineyards or wineries?
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    McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse is a barn and adjoining meadow and has very good recommendations from some people i know.  Pretty well priced from what I hear too.

    Good Luck!
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    Ditto Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.  I used to have a ton of pics in my planning bio, but apparently the Knot Gods deleted it when the changed formats.  Grrrr.

    You could also try the Scappose Creek Inn (they have a barn and a B&B).
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    Lakeside Gardens does not have a barn or meadow, but they do have a really pretty/quiet little indoor/outdoor area for ceremonies and receptions. Also I visited cornelius pass and liked it a lot too!
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    I really wanted to have my wedding at Leach Botanical Gardens but our guest list was too big. They have an indoor area that opens to a lovely and large patio. I think they quoted us at $1200 for the day. Here's the website http://www.leachgarden.org/

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    Have you looked at Skamania Lodge in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge? We have indoor-outdoor ceremony and reception options as well as a beautiful rustic interior and exterior. I would love to have you out for lunch and a tour if you would be interested. We are just 40 minutes from Portland International Airport.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I hope to hear from you.
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    Bridal Veil Lakes? They are a little further out...but the pics seem worth it. We were very interested in it but they were already booked on our date. Prices were very good as well.

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    Try the local christian collages?  We are getting married on Warner Pacific College campus in a beautiful little chapel called Schaltter, and having our reception on the lawn across the street.  Not quite what you were looking for, but you get indoor and outdoor. 
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    We are getting married here http://www.postlewaits.com/ in July- its in Canby, Or

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    Check out The Little Church in NE Portland. It is mostly a baby & mamma yoga space, with events and weddings on the weekend. I am super excited to have my wedding there, it is charming and a little funky. Best of luck! There website can be annoying to find.
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    Hey! I would say with what you are looking for check into McMenimans. They have a fee that they waive when you hit the maximum. I think its a $4,000 food minimum- which is really great after you compare what other places charge for each person. Also don't bother with Lakeside Gardens. Not cute- the outdoor super cute- the inside is so cheap and ugly looking. Its like a wedding factory- and thats what you feel like when you check it out and talk it over with them. Also what about the First Unitarian Church? They have a cute chapel and a huge 300+ room for your reception. You can bring in whatever caterer or self cook for food. And you can buy your alcohol in bulk and have servers do it. Also the rate is cheap! Its like 1,300 for the entire day! I just got a full day quote. They have 2 outdoor patios. A room if you want to seperate the kiddies. Its a great place ; ) And lastly- what about World Forestry Center? It has a rustic warm inviting vibe.
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    McMenamin's Grand Lodge in Forest Grove (close to Portland) or McMenamin's Edgefield. Both beautiful and budget-friendly!
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    Check out powersoregon.com, they have some beautiful sites. One of my friends got married at the West End Theater and it was beautiful...and they are one of the lower cost venues in downtown portland!
    Good luck :)
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    I don't know if they are what you consider cheap, but you totally described the Jenkins Estate in your post


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