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Anybody study abroad?

DD is supposed to graduate in May - but now she wants to change her intent to graduate to August.  She wants to go to London for a class called "The appeal of Harry Potter".  I would love for her to have the actual experience to spend 6 weeks in London, but its super expensive (over $6000!!) plus spending money.  I can't pay it for her, she would have to get a heck of a lot of grants or something, it just seems like a lot.  Did anybody do anything similar and if you did was it worth it?  I dont want to be this big downer that tells her its a horrible idea, but that's soooo much money for a class about Harry Potter.....I'm way to practical for that, I would graduate and get on with looking for my career job.

Re: Anybody study abroad?

  • Full disclosure, I haven't done study abroad.

    Why not have DD be the driver on this? She can go if she can get the money to go. Simple as that. You're not a bad guy, she has to be an adult. And she can take responsibility for what she has to do to get that kind of money in time.

    Or else she saves the money to go later on her own terms without the study bit...and maybe 2-3k cheaper. London won't burn down ;)
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  • I didn't, but i did have multiple friends who did.  I can honestly say all of them had wonderful experiences.  The classes are basically the "hook" they need to be able to go to the away part.  Most of them had plenty of guided tours, historical stuffs, and just plain fun in the places they went to.  

    I will say that $6K seems a lot higher than I remember anyone paying.  Basically, it was the same cost as any semester would be, if you lived on campus and had a meal plan, plus the classes.  Student loans were able to be applied.
  • My sister did something similar, but this was way before she graduated and it fulfilled her English requirement. She had a great time, it was expensive but she found a way to pay for it. $6K does sound pricey- I'd ask her to break down the cost for everything if she's interested.
  • She was going to a meeting for it last night, so when she is here tomorrow for Thanksgiving I will see if she knows more.  I did google it and found the info MTSU posted about it last year and it was around $5600 plus they said you needed min. of $1200 for while you were there for spending money.  I know it included the airfare and lodging, meals are just breakfast.  She has made it with only about $12000 student debt and about to graduate, I just hate to see her bump that up real high now.  I have to admit that at her age I would have loved the experience.  I would love to give it as a grad present, but there is no way I could come up with it.
  • I went abroad twice in college. Once to Australia for 6 months and then I went on a ecotourism/conservation project in the Galapagos Islands for 6 weeks.

    They were expensive trips, but also some of the best experiences I've ever had. My parents could not afford to help me. I added them to my tuition loans. If she can get a second job temporarily, or the loans/grants: she should go.
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    She has made it with only about $12000 student debt and about to graduate, I just hate to see her bump that up real high now. 
    I would have died if I'd graduated with that much debt; it's crazy how expensive college has gotten and sad that "only" $12,000 is good now, even though I know it really is.  Every time I look at the kids' college funds, I want to breathe into a paper bag.  By the time they go, tuition will probably be $4.1 million or something stupid.  And DS seems like an engineer all the way, but I can see the Wooz wanting to get an MA in medieval dance or something.  She's a bit of a dreamer.
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    I studied abroad in Germany -- it was awesome.

  • I studied abroad in London for a semester.  It's easy to look back now and say I wish I'd stayed longer, but I was so homesick that I don't know if it would have been possible.  But 6 weeks is such a short time to be overseas, especially with all of the amazing cities nearby to visit.  Our cost included classes, housing, events, and day trips, and it was absolutely worth it.  Studying abroad is great, I wish the Harry Potter class had been a thing when I studied there (I was there when the 4th movie was released).
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  • Yes, Heff it seems crazy to say "only" but a lot her friends have that much (and more) debt per YEAR.  That is the approx total she has for all 4 years.  She has done really well getting scholarships and making her own money to live off of.  We have bought (and sold) books for her and I buy extra stuff at the grocery store, things like that but she is self supporting.  I'm excited for her to have the chance to go, just wish it was a lot cheaper.  She did text me that the Prof. that is pushing her to go thinks she can get about 50% covered.  She works 35-40 hours a week already, plus full load at school so I don't see her being able to get a second job.

    She LOVES English ( she scored perfect score on her ACT) I know thats awwing, sorry.  I'm proud of her though and want her to get to go.

  • I studied abroad in France for my junior year of college.  It was tough being gone that long, but I'm really glad I did it.

    That being said, tuition and room and board was the same as at my college, and I got a scholarship to cover the cost of the airfare.  I wouldn't have gone into debt for it.
  • hate to say it, but the reason I didn't do study abroad (I had an awesome opportunity that would have done wonders for some job prospects and been amazing) wasn't the cost of the trip, it was the cost of not being able to work for a semester plust the cost of the trip.

    that's regrettable math to have to do though. 
  • i was never able to study abroad (cost + didn't fit well with our accredited engineering curriculum  - I would have needed to go an extra semester) - I also came out of school with "very little" in the way of student loan debt (i don't remember the exact figure - somewhere in the $10-15K range).

    I would have loved the opportunity to study abroad because it would have been a great learning/growth experience- however, I think the cost does seem pretty high if it's not going to be an overall benefit to her education/future career. (I say that for this reason - $12K in loan debt isn't bad by today's standards, but if her career isn't going to let her pay it off for 30 years, I wouldn't want to add another $3-6K to that total.) 
  • That does seem really pricey for study abroad.  I did study abroad, but my experience might be a little  difference because I am a dual citizen to the country.  I found the experience life-changing, and really really enjoyed it.  I recommend study abroad to anyone, but I don't recommend going into debt for it.  If she can get 50% covered like you say, I think she should go for it.  And maybe while she is over there she can do a few tours of her own for cheap.  Flights are so affordable once in Europe.  I flew to Dublin from the Netherlands for about $60!

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