Wedding Woes

on a scale of "wow, your 4 year old dressed you, didn't she?" to "how...interesting"

how are these psudo fanny packs:

There are times when I would consider wearing a fanny pack still, and this is less horrible...but I'm not sure how much less horrible.

Re: on a scale of "wow, your 4 year old dressed you, didn't she?" to "how...interesting"

  • I like those!

    Hm...they look awesome for hiking and stuffs.  I wish they were a bit cheaper.  $30 seems alright, $45 seems high.

  • I don't know why my picture showed, but not the text.  I wear ^^^^that to the playground.  The hipster fanny pack would probably be a step up.
  • ::dies inside::
  • I don't hate that as much as I probably should 6 :-)

    (this all is why I have a phone case that holds 2 card--so license and debit card and I can have everything I need-need)
  • If I buckled that to my belt loops, I'd constantly have to pull up my pants.  Pants are annoying enough without that.
    I've been sticking to cross-body purses to keep my hands and arms free.  I have two, one sporty casual and one nice looking leather.  I'm not sure why a fanny pack would ever be necessary.  Also, what's wrong with a backpack.
  • The belt is for playground only.  A lot of my shorts don't have pockets.  I like to play and don't want to deal with a purse that is only holding a slider phone and a key.  I slide the belt under my shirt so it's barely visible.

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    Cross body purses move.  Backpacks get filled up.  I want something that will just be size of necessities and hands free at all times.  I don't think the belt loop would pull my pants down, but I have probably the smallest smartphone available, so nothing too heavy.  I like the waist one too.  It's just nice that it fills the need while looking nice.  So many of them look like cheap and crappy on.
  • my phone is gigantic - it would never fit in that.  (also - ugh. I wouldn't wear that.)

    most of my purses are crossbody, as is my camera bag. 
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