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unhappy with engagement session-photog booked for wedding too!

So i booked an amazing photographer who i used to work with at a photo studio years ago. We just had out engagement photos done and they were terrible. I understand that we are in our forties and not your typical couple but we have had family photos taken that were ten times better by other photographers. He took many shots from below, making us look even heavier than we are. He kept asking us to kiss so there are far to many with us not looking at the camera. The setting behind us was busy and the posing was too young and awkward for our ages. 
The problem is....he is booked for our wedding. Do we sit him down and discuss what we want differently for the wedding? Do we cancel and hire someone else?
I feel frustrated because i know him personally and i know what work he is capable of. Now i am wondering if knowing him as a friend is the problem. How would you handle this? I really do love his work but i want my wedding photos to be beautiful not a huge disappointment. As of right now, we are thinking of booking an appointment with him and letting him know what we would like done differently next time. Not sure how that will go over. ugh!

Re: unhappy with engagement session-photog booked for wedding too!

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    I would probably start looking. I wouldn't feel comfortable with him after a disaster with ePics...a photo shoot with little pressure and plenty of time. If you stick with him I would ask him to reshoot the ePics to be certain he can make the necessary adjustments to ensure you will be happy with your wedding photos. 

    Here is my canned response for selecting a photog - pay close attention tot he advice I have bolded. I hope you find them helpful. Good Luck!!! :)

    Here's my quick suggestions…
    - Look for a number of wedding, not just one good wedding. Look at the composition of the photos. 
    - Take a good look at group photos, everyone LOVES the photojournalistic poses of the B&G - but they often overlook the group images...You know, the ones of your whole family that you mom will want on the mantle. Don't get caught up in the still life pics - anyone can put a ring on a heel of a pretty shoe or take a photo of a dress in a window - just tell them you want it.
    Ask about back up cameras. What type of lenses do they prefer and why. How do they deal with lighting. 
    - Do they have experience at your venue?
    - Do they offer a second shooter?
    - Do you get the digital rights? Do you get ALL the photos or how many? Are they edited? What does edited mean to them? How big will you be able to print them/ how large will the files be?
    - What's the turn around time?
    - What happens if they can't be there on your wedding day? Dot hey have a backup plan?
    - And above all - are you comfortable around them??

    When you look at their portfolio pay attention to the average looking couples with average venues. Some people are so gorgeous every photo looks amazing, I'm not one of those people so I like to look at images a more real couple when critiquing. I also look at photos of a location isn't over the top gorgeous, like the couple, a location that is so stunning that every photo looks like a postcard isn't going to help unless you are getting married at the same location- KWIM?

    Consider these things to start when selecting a photog and ask on your local board for recommendations. Also search for reviews of ones your considering. GL! :)
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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    As usual, @photokitty is spot on.  If you are even going to consider keeping him for your wedding, you need to ask him to reshoot the engagement photos.  Tell him what you didn't like.  This is his do over.  

    If it were me though, I'd probably find someone else.  Eat any deposit and move on.  Have the new person do an engagement session for you ASAP.  Book once you are satisfied with the photos.  Good luck!
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    Thank you for the input!

    The biggest problem i have is that i know his work . I used to be a photographer with him at a local school photo studio. His wedding photography company is well known, capable and he is very talented. I just don't know what went wrong. Having been a photographer myself, i know what to look for but i didn't want to run his photo shoot for him so i had him take the reins like i would if i was the photographer. 

    We have decided to contact the women in charge of bookings and ask if we can reshoot. If there is hesitation or problem with the second engagement shoot then we will look elsewhere and hopefully he will learn something in the process.

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    Great news! They are willing to reshoot. I discussed with the owner, a 40 something second bride like myself, what our concerns were and she totally understood where we were coming from. I am going to send them a pinterest page with all of the styles of poses and props that i like . Hopefully, this is a lesson learned to speak up while it's happening and to not be rushed. 
    I am really looking forward to picking out a new outfit and buying a prop or two. I am even going to have him take photos of my fiance playing guitar for me. :)
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    Glad it worked out. Hope you are thrilled with the reshoot images :) GL!
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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